A Comfortable and Fully Loaded Mattress Review

A Comfortable and Fully Loaded Mattress Review
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A Comfortable and Fully Loaded Mattress Review TUFT & NEEDLE

The mattress by Tuft & Needle has great support for your body, neck, and shoulder pain. The form mattress has a unique design and ability to keep you and the mattress cool, and the foam blend technology helps with motion transfer. The more pressure you applied to the mattress, the more support it will provide you while sleeping.

The heavyweight body size and the lightweight side sleepers might not avail the pressure support feature if they are expecting it from Tuft & Needle. In this article, I am going to elaborate on the all good and bad aspects of Tuft & Needle mattresses. Keep reading the article to know more about your comfort.

Size Chart For Tuft & Needle Mattress

Lightweight < 130 Lbs 244
Averageweight Between 130 T0 230 Lbs 352
Heavyweight > 230 Lbs 333
1 = WORSE    2 = NOT GOOD     3 = AVERAGE     4 = GOOD     5 = EXCELLENT

According to the above chart, let’s have a view on sleepers’ positions.

Side Sleepers

Initially, you may not feel the pressure when you laid down on the mattress, but in the next few seconds, you would feel the fantastic hugged. If you are a lightweight sleeper, the hug is not for you because you will not ever sink into the mattress to feel this. For average weights and heavyweights, this mattress is a winner due to its sinking technology to keep you in an appropriate position.

Back Sleepers

The Tuft & Needle mattress is an excellent choice for an average weight back sleeper, it will distribute your weight into the entire bed. It supports the spine and helps to reduce any pressure on it while sleeping on the back. The mattress is also a choice of comfort and support for lightweight and heavyweight back sleepers.

Stomach Sleeper

The lightweight stomach sleepers will find the mattress the best choice for them due to its top foam layer, but I will not recommend it to the strict stomach sleepers. The reason is, the layers of the foam will sink the hips significantly, and it will put pressure on the lower back. If you are a lightweight sleeper this mattress will be good for you, but I will not recommend it for a lightweight and heavyweight stomach sleeper.

Quality Of Tuft & Needle Mattress


The Tuft & Needle mattress is very quick in response and allows sleepers to change their positions easily. The Adaptive foam layer of Tuft & Needle imitates the feel of latex, so you will not feel wet in the mattress. The mattress is good for those who change position while sleeping and also for those who feel trouble getting out of the bed.

Mattress Firm

I am going to rate the firming of the T&N mattress on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 will show the softness of the mattress and 10 will show the sturdy of the mattress. I will rate it 7 out of 10 on its firmness. The mattress is made from T&N adaptive foam, which looks like a well know memory foam but creates a slightly firmer mattress. We can call it the best foam mattress for the stomach sleepers who want an all-foam bed but still need satisfactory support. 

Hot Vs Cool

The T&N mattress went through many constructing processes to keep you cool all night. The ceramic gel and graphite are injected into the mattress layers that let the bed breathe, but there are no coils in the T&N mattress that help the mattress to remain cool and breathable.

For Partners

Being a foam mattress, it allows one partner to change positions easily without disturbing the other partner. This mattress is so responsive and reacts quickly to body movement If you are both average-sized people.

Edge Support

The mattress has fair edge support and will be fine if someone sleeps near the edge. but if sit on edge to put on your shoes, you might feel about to fall off. But if you sit on a full surface of the bed, you will not slip due to its strong base layer support.

Layers in T&N Mattress

The T&N mattress has foam and other materials for heat-absorbing, it has graphite, it has ceramic gel cooling pads, breathable foam, and the signature T&N Adaptive Foam.  The T&N mattress is consists of 3 layers.

1st Layer (Breathable Cover):

The cover of the T&N is very soft and increases breathability. There is nothing about the cooling on the cover.

2nd Layer (Adaptive Foam)

The 2nd layer has a comfort slab of 3 inched of company own adaptive foam. The triple layer gives a feel of a combination memory foam and latex foam. It has a cooling gel and graphite that prevent heat and saves you from sleeping on a hot material.

3rd Layer (High-Density Support Foam)

The 7-inch support layer is similar to other mattresses’ support layers. The surface is made from rayon and polyester blend. It’s a good choice for everyone due to its reactive properties of bed. The support gets increased while pressure is increased.


The Tuft & Needle mattress comes with 10 years warranty and its covers like defects. It also provides you a 100 nights trial, if you don’t like it easily return it after 100 days.


The Tuft And Needle always try to fulfill everyone’s desires and needs. This time T&N could not cross the winning line.

The Tuft And Needle mattress are a good choice if you live in a hostel, if you are a new buyer for a mattress, for a small or kids’ room at a very reasonable price. But the mattress is not suitable for an average or heavy stomach sleeper. This works quite only for the back and side sleepers.



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