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Sleeping Partner
Last Updated on December 7, 2022 by Stylowins

Amerisleep AS3 Mattress

When you are looking for a comfortable sleep, you always go with the most reliable and trusted brand. The Amerisleep is a future mattress with many built-in facilities to advance your bedroom and sleeping experience.

Let’s dive into some key features that force you to go with Amerisleep with AS3 form mattress.

  • If your weight is between 150-250 pounds.
  • If you feel hot while sleeping.
  • If you sleep mostly on your side or back.
  • If you need a product that targeted pressure relief.
  • If you like memory foam without any extreme sinkage that’s often associated.
  • If you have a sleeping partner and you need brilliant motion isolation.

HIVE Technology

HIVE stands for harnessing, intelligence, ventilation, and energy.  It’s a type of zoning related to what we often experience in most innerspring mattresses that offer soft support to a higher degree to the body parts. Its best for the head, shoulders, back, hips, and upper and lower leg to help you feel equally supported and reduce pressure points on the body.

The upper form has direct contact with the body and it gives more support and a relaxing feel when you lay down. Layer two has a bounce feature that adjusts with your body shape. The HIVE provides the best support to the body especially in the legs, head, shoulders, and back area due to its extra cushioning.

Three Comfortable Sleeping Sides

  • Side Sleeping

In the 2nd layer, the Amerisleep provides the combination of memory form and HIVE technology, which provides a reduction in pressure points and easily bears the weight of the body.

  • Stomach Side

If you sleep on your stomach, the AS3 can divide your body weight and give you a relaxed and lighter sleep.

  • Back Sleeping

If you sleep on your back, the softness of this well-designed AS3 will provide great support to your spine.

The Cover Quality

The Cover Quality

When it comes to the cover, the Amerisleep has a stretchy material that quickly comes back in its condition, so if you get in or get out of bed it will not bunch up when you move. The celliant technology has been shown in the cover that reduces the heat from the cover and provides you a cool sleeping experience.

Bio-Pur Technology Form

Bio-Pur Technology Form

With its Bio-Pur technology, the mattress has the following benefits for your comfortable sleep.

The Breathable And Cooling Feature

  • Free flow of air
  • Does not release heat
  • Ideal for hot body temperature

Eco-Friendly Form

  • Product better of plants as well
  • Reduce usage of non-renewable materials

Healthier Sleep

  • Certified-Pur technology from the U.S
  • Dust & mold resistant
  • No harsh chemicals

Good Support

  • Bounce back feature
  • Prevent from pain
  • Cool form

Motion Isolation Technology

The AS3 has a motion isolation technology, that manages the weight and provides a motionless sleep. For example, if you are sleeping with your partner and he/she has a habit of changing positions while sleeping so, you will not get disturbed due to its motion isolation function for the weight distribution.

Heat Transfer Capability

The heat transferability technology was horrible when it launched in the market. And many buyers were avoiding buying. Many companies are trying to overcome this issue, and Amerisleep AS3 brought this technology highly upgraded with the below four primary factors:

  • Complex transition form with channels placed between it and the memory foam is placed above to let it breathe.
  • The Celliant technology in the cover helps the mattress to remain cool with the infrared light therapy recyclable energy from heat released by the body, which helps the body heal and revitalizes.
  • It has a Bio-Pur memory form layer is made from plant-based oils. It helps head buildup at its good and reduces the usage of petroleum and off-gassing.
  • With the help of the open-cell structure of memory foam, it allows airflow with luxury or comfort.
Sleeping Partner

Quality Standards

After knowing all the features and functionalities, the question raises about the durability and quality of the AS3 mattress before considering it.

Before buying a form, everyone should be aware of the density to calculate the life of the mattress. Memory form has an ideal figure of about three to five pounds per cubic foot. Pcf mattress of five are costly and three to there and half is standard in the price category.

The Amerisleep mattress has up to four pcf in the above layer. This is a great figure and provides more comfort according to the needs.

The polyfoam arrangements are different from memory form, a pcf of 1.8 is supreme in this material type. The sizes of two polyfoams are designed as 1.65 of transition layer and base of 1.8.

The position of polyfoam base is placed at the ideal position. And the transition layer is placed lower than our expectations in a mattress, but I think it is placed very well by the foams both above and lower, and it’s close to each other. In this price range, the densities are united and when compared with the similar price category products the AS3 has a value above the average.

Final Verdict

We have covered all the major points for you in this article to let you take a final decision for buying Amerisleep Mattress. In my eye, in this price category if some is planning to buy a comfortable mattress, i would recommend AS3 equipped will all the high functionalities like HIVE technology, Bio-Pur technology, massaging, sleeping side supports, anti-snoring function, heat transferability, and many more. This is an awesome option for anyone who’s struggled with pressure points and wants relief from the back pain.



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