A Sweet Mattress for a Sweet sleep

A Sweet Mattress for a Sweet sleep
Last Updated on December 7, 2022 by Stylowins

Sweetnight SN-M001-F2

If you are looking for a budgeted mattress having soft and relax sleeping features, then this Sweetnight mattress might b for you. Let’s break down the review of Sweetnight mattress to know more about comfortable sleep.


The Sweetnight mattress would be a fit choice for you if you are a hot sleeper. Its gel-infused memory foam and breathable cover make it the perfect mattress to keep you cool all night long. Also, it can divide the weight into the entire bed and adopt the body size to provide you a perfect level and relaxing sleep.


The sweet night mattress is made up of three layers as follow:

Top & Mid Layer

One layer has 2 inches of gel-infused memory foam that support your body weight, controls your body temperature, and provides you a cool and comfortable sleep along with the 1” layer of ventilated comfort foam for airflow.

Bottom Layer

It is consisting of 4 inches of unique three-zone airflow open-cell comfort foam. Also, it has high-density foam and gives you a solid edge seating support. It controls the mattress from sagging and rolling off and keeps you easy throughout your sleep.

Cooling And Soft Cover

The Sweetnight mattress has a cooling and soft cover that is designed to keep you cool throughout your sleep. The mattress cover is easily detachable and prevents dust and bacterial growth that will cause the mattress to smell and has stains.


It’s US certified mattress. The Sweetnight mattress is made free from any harmful substances like lead formaldehyde, mercury, and other heavy metals. Along with the cool sleeping, the memory foam is sag-resistant and extremely supportive to prevent back pain.

Motion Isolation

The Sweetnight mattress has motion isolation that helps you to change positions while sleeping without disturbing your partner.

Noise Control

The Sweetnight mattress does not have any springs that why it has no noise issues while changing positions or getting in or off the bed.

Temperature Controlling

The Sweetnight mattress controls the body temperature and keeps you cool all night long. It also has open-cell breathable covers that help you to sleep cool and breathable.

Edge Support

Edge Support

The Sweetnight mattress is perfect for sleeping and sitting on the edge. it has great edge support.

Mattress Sink age

The Sweetnight mattress is free from any sinkage issue like we have seen in many other mattresses. So, you can easily take a good sleep without going inside the mattress.

Sleeping Positions

The Sweetnight comes with every best sleeping position. If you are a side, back, and stomach sleeper the Sweetnight mattress will never disappoint you, and it will provide you a stress-free sleep.


The Sweetnight mattress has 100 days return policy. Everyone thinks a lot when it comes to buying online, but don’t worry Sweetnight offers a great return policy.

Final Verdict

The Sweetnight mattress is for you to complete your sleeping experience. The softness and temperature controlling features make it a perfect choice for people. It has all the essential mattress needs like sleeping positions, low firm, dust and sagging free, and edge support. It’s an “Amazon Choice” product rated 4.5. So, order it right now you will never want to return it. You can only grab it in The United States of America.



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