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STACY ADAMS Men’s Suny Vested 3 Piece Suit

About Stacy Adams

Stacy Adams is a well know men’s clothing brand across the globe. It deals in underwear, jewelry, shoes, sleepwear, and men’s suits. Stacy Adams established in 1875, and their headquarter is located in the USA. Stacy Adams brought the new and stunning designs in men’s suit fashion, and hip-hop clothing as well.

Fabric And Quality

The Stacy Adams Men’s 3-Piece Suit Suny Vested is made from 90% polyester and 10% rayon. The polyester makes the suit very durable and lightweight which will never bother you when wearing it. Polyester makes the suit wrinkle-free and retains its shape well and stain-resistant for very easy cleaning. The rayon fabric is used in the back of the vest, it helps the person to remain cool and sweat-free when you are wearing it with or without the men’s suit jacket. Make sure you don’t put it in a washing machine, the Stacy Men’s 3-piece Suit only needs a dry clean.

3 pieces

The Stacky Adams Suny Vested 3 Piece Men’s Suit includes pants, a vest, and a jacket.

The Pant

The Pant
The Pant

The Stacy Adams signature expandable pants waist gives the flex that everyone needs in their pants for an easy and comfortable men’s suit. The Stacky Adams Men’s Pant has a fantastic feature of an expandable waist that gives a relaxing feeling to a person’s mind knowing that these pants will always be fit to him and will last for a long time. Also, the pant has a pleated front that gives it a classy look with a strong grip and design. There are two slash side pockets on Stacky Adams men’s suits pants and two bone pockets on the rear of the pant. A french fly extra clouser with a button is designed to allow the fly flap to remain seated smooth and flat without putting any pressure on the top of the zip.

The Vest

The Vest
The Vest

The Stacky Adams Men’s Suit Vest has a “V” style neck following with the four buttons placket buttons and a breathable lining back. Also, it has two welt pockets at the front. The vest is worn over a dress shirt and necktie and below a suit jacket. The vest comes in the same color as the suit so, you can easily take off the suit jacket and show the fashion style to the world with the matching colors.

The back of the Stacky Adams men’s suit vest has rayon fabric which prevents sweating and makes it breathable to keep you cool while wearing for a long time. It is usually ranked as a third piece in the 3 pieces male suit.

The Jacket

The Vest
The Vest

The Stacy Adams Men’s Suit Jacket has a superb notch lapel including the Stacy Adams griffin lapel pin, which makes it attractive and stunning. The notch lapel is also known as step collar (in British English), it’s sewn to the collar at an angle, fashioning a step effect. There is a welt pocket on the left side of the chest and two lower flap pockets on both sides. The men’s suit jacket has four buttons on each cuff, it also contributes to making it more classy and attractive.

Size And Color

To find the perfect suiting for yourself, check the chart below for a better understanding.

The Stacy Adams 3 piece Suny Vested Men’s Suit comes in timeless and fashionable colors. The best point is this it has the same color vest which allows you to take the jacket on or off whenever you want to feel the change. The Stacy Adams Men Suit guaranteed you to find a color that suits your style.

Wrapping the review

To wrap up my review, I will highly recommend the Stacy Adams 3 piece suny vest men’s suit because it has a great quality and styling sense. The matching color vests will be an addition to your fashion, it is designed to wear without the jacket as well. the 3 piece men’s suit by Stacy Adams will complete your look in the office, at parties, meetings, and on every occasion. If you are looking for shoes that will be a perfect match with this stunning men’s suit, check out my shoe reviews [p1]  and find the best pair for yourself.


  • Great quality
  • Matching vest
  • With/without jacket


  • None

Calvin Klein Men’s Slim-Fit Suit

Calvin Klein Men's Slim-Fit Suit

About Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is a globally known American fashion brand. It deals in lifestyle accessories, jewelry, leathers, watches, ready-to-wear, and home furnishing. CK shares a high figures market share in commercial and retail lines. The company also has a well and perfect stitching status, Calvin Klein never compromises on its stitching standards.

Fabric and Quality

The Calvin Klein Men’s slim-fit suit is crafted with 94% wool and 6% lycra spandex (synthetic fabric with exceptional elasticity). It’s an ultimate power suit for the new era designed to show off your gym hard work. The CK slim fit is not washable and can be worn again after dry cleaning only.  The wool fabric is easy to wear in any climate and adds comfort and easy to care for, and easy to maintain.


The CK men’s slim fit suit has a flat front, notched lapel jacket, and a sung pants, this modern Calvin Klein fit has a classic feeling to it. It calls out the tie and gives you a James bond look. CK slim-fit suit has a clean and clear sewn that suits your physique.

On the back, Ck men’s slim-fit suit has neat lines that cut a modern outline. The point-to-point cuts with narrow measurement, higher armholes, and trimmer chest and waist called the slim fit. Similarly, the pant/trouser is designed as slim as well. Ck slim fit trouser has a tapered leg and unfinished hem that allows you to set it according to your desire look.


There is a difference between the size of the jacket and pants of Calvin Klein men’s slim-fit about the 7-inch drop. So, the company provides you an option to choose your size separately for jacket and pants.


Calvin Klein men’s slim-fit is an ideal outfit for every occasion like business meetings, parties, dinner, and even you can wear it on your weeding its this much sharp and stylish. I would highly recommend this to everyone who wishes to look elegant and classy or looking for a suit for his weeding ceremony or to gift it to his friend, brother or father. It’s available on Amazon in many vibrant and unique colors. Check it out to choose a perfect Calvin Klein slim fit for yourself.


  • High Quality
  • Perfect Desgining


  • None


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