Best 6 Picks Of Waterproof Fanny Packs For You

Waterproof Fanny Packs
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 If you have waterproof fanny packs then it is a great SUP accessory because the fanny packs are convenient, comfortable, and have a fantastic job of keeping all your essentials dry such as keys, cameras, mobile phones, wallets, and some other small accessories. For many paddlers or riders, a regular sized traveling dry bag is over killer when you are supposed to carry only a few small belongings. Here comes the waterproof dry bag fanny pack which you can wear on your waist easily to explore the sea waves securely. It is a perfect option for your belonging to be safe and make your travel joyful instead of pulling a giant bag just for a few items.

When it comes to buying waterproof pouches or dry bags, then we are not supposed to tell you how much you should be careful while choosing. It is true, if you go with the cheapest waterproof protection fanny pack bag, it will definitely damage your valuables and you will waste your hundreds or even thousands of dollars which you have spent on your electronics and other items due to the leaks on your cheap dry bag. So, it is understood to always buy the genuine and trusted fanny dry bag pack that will protect your belonging with complete care. Just focus on reliability and quality instead of pricing.

Well, summers are ahead in 2022, everyone will rust to the beach to encounter the heat. Therefore, you will need to have a perfect dry bag fanny pack that will protect your essentials while enjoying.

Here we have gathered the top 5 fanny waterproof bag packs for you. These all will remain 100% dry while you will be paddleboarding. Let’s have a review on these bags then it will become easy for you to choose for yourself.

Waterproof Waist Pack Reviews

Waterproof Waist Pack Reviews

  1. YETI Sidekick Dry

The YETI Sidekick Dry fanny pack is one of our top picks of 2022. This waterproof belt pack is a stylish and incredibly impressive fanny pack bag. The YETI Sidekick Dry pouch is 100% waterproof and fully submersible as well, featuring the amazing top shelf design and its bombproof construction for which the YETI products are known.

Besides all the waterproof fanny packs

in our list, this YETI Sidekick Dry bag has a unique magnet sealed opening which makes it easier for accessing and when it is closed, the YETI Sidekick Dry fanny pack becomes completely airtight. This multi purpose dry fanny bag can be sued as a belt pack, a pouch, or a backpack. This bag can also be used when you want to water your farmland or spray it. The YETI Sidekick Dry comes at top of our list due to its overall versatility.

  • SealLine Seal Pak

Make your 2022 more great and joyful with this amazing protection SealLine Seal Pak fanny bag. This fanny bag is made of 600D polyurethane coated polyester that will prevent water to go inside and damage your essentials or electronics because it is completely waterproof. The SealLine Seal Pak fanny dry bag has multiple carrying options including a shoulder strap and waist belt attachments which are removable. A roll down closure will provide you excellent protection from the elements that is why this bag has watertight protection.

On the front side of the SealLine Seal Pak fanny dry bag, there is an external zipper pocket that is non-waterproof. The dimension of this bag is 8 x 3 x 8 inches, and it is PVC free as well which means the fabric is eco-friendly that will add durability and reduce environmental impacts. SealLine Seal Pak is a well know manufacturer of waterproof bags in today’s time, and I am sure this bag will not disappoint you in terms of traveling, snorkeling, paddle boarding, or any of your favorite activities. It comes in different colors so choose your favorite one and carry this SealLine Seal Pak with confidence.

  • Aquapac Waist Pack

 Next, we have an Aquapac Waterproof Waist fanny pack. This dry bag is made of durable 500D vinyl and comes with 5 years of warranty, which means you are getting your partner fully secure. This rugged roll top fanny pack bag provides amazing comfort and relaxation because it protects all your electronics and other important items with total care.

The Aquapac Waist pack waterproof fanny pack has a splashproof quick access storage pocket at the front and a waterproof zipper pocket inside. It is available in 3 colors cool blue, acid green, and matt black, so choose your favorite one each of them will protect you in the same way.  If you are looking for a valuable hip pack a waterproof bag that should be perfect for your travel, boating, skiing, paddle boarding, or you can think of anything else, then you must go for this Aquapac dry fanny waist pack to protect your electronics and other items from getting wet. Choose the best choose Aquapac.

  • Herschel Seventeen Waist Pack

For those people who are looking for a large and durable fanny pack that should look good despite being slightly dorky then this Herschel Seventeen Waist pack is right for them. This fanny pack has ample storage of 3.5 liters for those people who love to carry a lot of gears, and it is very tough to carry that burden. This bag has a waist strap which is comparatively longer than most of the bags and it fits a wider range up to 52 inches of waist sizes.

If you are considering switching from a small purse/wallet without leaving any of your precious gear behind. The Herschel Seventeen Waist pack is 6 ½ x 13 x 3 ½ in size and has a zipper pocket at front with a key hook, and its main compartment has 3 ½ liters of storage in total. You can easily carry an iPhone X and above in its front pocket or it can also hold your tissues, gums, passport, and wallet while traveling. The Herschel Seventeen Waist pack is overall a simple fanny bag with high quality and large storage capacity that will facilitate you fully in your travel and daily task.

  • Geckobrands Dry Bag Waist Pouch

With a roll top closure design, this dry bag waist pouch by Geckobrands is a cheaper option that will be considered worthy if you have a tight budget but you are looking for a waterproof fanny pack bag. The Geckobrands waterproof waist pouch has an amazing feature that will make you more comfortable while traveling. It features a fully adjustable waist belt, an external front pocket, inside the bag, there is a mesh zip pocket for organization.

This dry bag waist pouch by Geckobrands looks very basic but it comes in a high quality material that does not allow water to enter and damage your belongings. This Waterproof Tarpaulin dry bag is a great partner if you want to carry small items. The size of the dry bag waist pouch by Geckobrands is 12 inches in length, 3 inches in width, and 7 inches in height. The cool and comfortable dry fanny bag is here to protect you.

  • Blue sky BASICS Waterproof Waist Pouch

The Blue BASICS sky waterproof waist pouch is the lowest priced option and it features the lowest profile as well. This fanny pack in our list is waterproof and it is a good choice for those who want a simple dry fanny bag. It would be great for paddlers because they always look for the smallest and basic fanny pack just to keep their phones, money, passports, or other essentials.

The Blue sky BASICS dry fanny bag pack offers a lifetime warranty and a triple seal waterproof protection that will keep your essentials always dry and safe. These fanny bags are comfortable and work really good especially for paddleboarding. These fanny bags are available in two, one is a jet black pouch and another one is an ocean blue pouch; you can also call it a see thru pouch.

The size of this BASICS fanny dry bag is 9.0 x 6.7 and it feels soft and smooth while wearing, even it is skin safe as well. This cross body bag has a durable nylon strap that makes it easy to adjust and allows you to wear it as a waist pack as well. This fanny waterproof bag pack is a plus point if you carry it on tropical snorkeling, swimming, running, paddling, or any event.

Final thoughts

Our reviews will help you to narrow down the perfect fanny hip pack bag for your all adventures, and we hope that you are a little clear after reading our article before buying it. Furthermore, these fanny bags are not just limited to water activities only, you can perform every task with this amazing all in one solution of your belongings and you will experience their fantastic job of keeping your valuables secure and dry.

These waterproof waist packs are perfect while you are paddling because, it allows you to access directly and easily your phone, camera, and other small items. You will love the comfort and hands free experience that will help you to do your work freely and it ensures you as well that your stuff will stay dry and safe while you are in the water.

Regardless of which suits you better to buy, enjoy these amazing fanny packs and keep paddling happily!



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