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J. Queen New York Corina Shower Curtain

This intricately by J. Queen Corina New York shower curtain is made of 100% polyester and easily machine washable as well. This amazing and stylish shower curtain is one of the best curtains from the Corina collection. Make your bathing stylish and give your bathing area a new look. This shower curtain will keep you hidden completely if somebody mistakenly enters inside.

The size of this gorgeous J. Queen New York Corina Shower Curtain is 72 x 27 inches and its pattern is customized with printed boxes that are perfectly centered and aligned. This pattern is known as a wonderful “Medallion”.

The shower curtain color makes it attractive because it will match with your house paint, does matter what color is it. The curtain color is known as “Spa” which you will find similar to green a wonderful one and it is also accented by silver.

Redneck Blinds Magnetic Blackout Curtain System

If you are worried about your privacy and do not want to let anyone disturb you or you are on a spying project. The Magnetic Curtain System by Redneck Blinds will be a perfect accessory for you to keep you hidden when you will be spying on that big buck.

The Redneck Blinds Magnetic Curtain System comes in five blind models to keep you hidden from every inch. Let’s find out the sizes of each blind, the trophy tower is 5 x 5, the predator, stalker, and shooter are 5 x 6, the buck palace is 6 x 6, and the last one is Big country which is 6 x 7 in size.

The Magnetic Blackout Curtain System by Redneck Blinds has a camouflage mesh curtain for each window as well as blackout curtains for the back and side windows. Once you have added the metal clips (provided with the curtains) to the blind’s windows, then you can easily attach or remove these magnetic curtains with the help of sewn-in magnets in each curtain.

The magnetic curtain will provide you with enough shade for your background and keep you hidden even if you are in an elevated position. Also, these magnetic blackout curtains by Redneck Blinds will provide you with enough shading so it will be easy for you to see outside without a problem. This Redneck Blinds Magnetic Blackout Curtain System is good to have on all your windows.

Nicki Minaj shower curtain

These Nicki Minaj anaconda shower curtains are waterproof to decorate your bathroom. The iconic Nicki Minaj sexiest picture is printed on this shower curtain that will always call you to have a shower. It is made of polyester and easily machines washable with cold water. Remember not to bleach or tumble dry these curtains.

This Nicki Minaj shower curtain comes in four different sizes, a STALL has 36 inches’ width and 72 inches height, a small has 48 inches’ width and 72 inches height, a medium has 60 inches’ width and 72 inches height, and the large has 66 inches’ width and 72 inches height.

These Nicki Minaj Anaconda shower curtains are fitted with curtain hooks and have holes to which rings are attached (9 small holes, 12 medium holes, and 13 large holes). The hot and sexy image of Nicki Minaj is printed on this curtain by using heat dye sublimation techniques which have lasting effects. So Nicki Minaj will never leave you while you will be talking shower.

Wall curtain behind bed

Let’s make a BOHO Fairy Light Wall Installation in an Easy And Gorgeous way

Are you looking forward to giving your bedroom a BOHO look? The cherry blossom crew will do the same. We decorated our room with this easy and attractive theme, then we are willing to share the idea with you too. The plus point of this project is, it is less expensive. So, find your project partner, it could be your parents, friends, or siblings. You will need a few materials for this and then you can easily create a gauzy lighting wall for your room in just a few minutes.

What is this styling mean and how you can style your room with these techniques?

This installation has two sheers; gauzy curtains will be hung on a hidden rod. The magic of white light strings behind the curtains, and you do not need to drill hooks. This setup will create an ultra-cool and ethereal effect that will give an amazing lighting boom to your room.

Now fasten your seat belt, we are departing to give your room a new look. Following steps will be followed by you to reach your destination.

A single metal curtain rod

You will find this rod at Amazon or any other store easily, even from your local home accessories stores. You must buy the white rod and make sure it is curved at the edges and it does not have any finials that will stick out. This rod will cost you around $6, but it could vary as well.

Get the three packs of 150 count clear white string lights

You will find these lighting packs easily from any store at a reasonable price. And if you are lucky grab them in sale season. Grab the 3 sets of lights (150 lights in each pack), total lights count will be 450.

Grab the clear and small command hooks

To complete this project of lighting your room, you will need around ten hooks. These hooks can be found at any store easily. So you do not need to rush here and there for the requirements. Everything will be easily accessible.

A set of two sheer white curtains

While buying the sheer make sure to choose a length of curtain panels that have enough space to hang just under the ceiling and extended to the floor. Curtains have standard lengths so you should measure your room space where you want to hang before buying the curtains. You can find the amazing designs with defined lengths and attractive prices at amazon curtains or you can buy them from any bed and bath shop near to you.

Now follow the steps and boom your room:

Step 1

Hang the brackets and the curtains rods close to the ceiling, do not worry if your curtain and rod are wider than your headboard or bed. Adjust your twin-size bed at the center/middle of the rod of the curtain. You will be required to drill 2 to 4 holes for hanging the rod, these are the only holes you will need in this project.

Step 2

Attach the small command hooks on the wall just under the curtain rod. Follow the instruction given on the command box to make sure they stay and space them out equally (even). The rod length will use a few command hooks depending on your rod length, we used 10 command hooks in our project.

Step 3

Drape the light strings on the hooks and arrange them however you want to give them a our project, we arrange the lights on the ends that hang a little longer for effect. Make sure you arrange this setup near to a power board/socket, it will help you to plug the lights easily.

Step 4

In the last step, now you have the feed the white curtain panels onto the rods. Plug your lights in power and make your room a new world for you. I ensure you will become amazed after seeing the new concept of your room that will charge you as well.

Precaution for this project:

You can keep the lights on when you are in the room or house, but on the safe side turn them off when you go out from home or go to sleep. These are just suggestions to keep your room lighter with ease.



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