Best eyelash curler for Asian eyes

Best eyelash curler for Asian eyes
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Aside from the obvious inconveniences of curling your eyelashes, there are additional problems for Asian women with monolid eyes. Monolid Most eyelash curlers aren’t made for Asian eyes, which have a straighter upper lid with a low crease than most Asian eyes have. What happened? Trying to curl your lashes by pinching your upper eyelid while you’re at it. Ouch!

Straight lashes are a common problem for Asian eyes, as they tend to point downward and don’t keep a curl when using eyelash curlers. We’ve compiled a list of the best eyelash curler for Asian eyes so you can get the one that’s right for you.

How to use an eyelash curler for Asian eyes like a pro?

First step: Tilt back your head

Rest your eyelashes between the eyelash curler’s cushioned clamp and tilt your head back. Clamping down on your eyelid skin can be unpleasant, so tilting your head will help prevent that. Squeeze the curler shut and pump a few times when you’re satisfied that all of your eyelashes are in it. The natural curl will form as a result.

When pumping the curlers, use a light hand and delicate pressure. If you press too firmly, you risk causing your eyelashes to fold at a 90-degree angle and breaking them off.

Second Step: Curl the tips of your eyelashes.

Then, using only the tips of your lashes, go back and repeat step 1. Lifting the tips and enhancing the curl will keep it in place.

Before using your eyelash curler, it’s a good idea to warm up the pads. Test the heat of the pads on the back of your hand after heating them with a hairdryer. After you’ve warmed up, proceed as described above. A hot curling tong works similarly to hold the eyelash curl in position.

Third Step: Apply the Mascara to complete the look.

Finally, apply your mascara in the usual way, focusing on the curled area. Ensure that this is implemented at the end of the process. Applying mascara before curling your lashes might cause the mascara’s sticky texture to pull out your lashes.

Tweezerman eyelash curler with Neon grip

From the root of the lash to the tip, this eyelash curler creates a wide-open, awake image. Comfort and control are improved with the ergonomic handle design. Precision performance is ensured by a smooth opening and closing mechanism.

The Every Lash Curler gives lashes extra definition after they’ve been curled with a curling iron. This tool is designed to focus on the outer corner of your lashes. It’s ideal for creating a flawless cat-eye or for seamlessly blending falsies into the lash line.

E.L.F. Vegan Pro Eyelash Curler

For a faultless appearance, turn to the Pro eyelash curler. As you curl your lashes, the contoured curve and stronger spring are designed to ensure a gorgeous, long-lasting curl. Using thick eyeliner and mascara, you’ll look as if you’ve applied fake lashes to your eyes.

Make your eyelashes appear longer and voluminous by curling them with this eyelash curler from e.l.f. In addition to being pleasant and easy to use, this lash curler has a unique ergonomic design.

Revlon precision eyelash curler

WiththisExtra Curl Eyelash Curler, you can achieve perfectly swoopy lashes without any pinching or crimping. Every lash is perfectly curled thanks to its ideal size and form. Incorporating a non-stick pad and finger grips for an extra-comfy hold, this eyelash curler was created by beauty artists to quickly and simply curl eyelashes into an elegant, dramatic curl. Its modest size and round shape make it ideal for most people’s eyes. Curls lashes without tugging or pulling, whether they are bare or mascara-coated.

Brilliant Beauty Eyelash curler with refill pads

Long-lasting, dramatically curled lashes can be achieved in a matter of seconds in New York. When using this eyelash curler, you won’t have to worry about damaging or pulling out your delicate lashes because it doesn’t break, pull, or snag them in any way.

Eyelash curler Brilliant Beauty is made of sturdy stainless steel and has an extra-long curve to fit different shaped eyes, as well as an adjustable hinge to ensure you get even pressure every time. If you want to get professional results without breaking the money, you can’t go wrong with this curler.

Japonesque curl eyelash curler

Curls that linger all day thanks to the soft lash pad. Soft lash pads are mild enough for natural and synthetic lashes. UsingthisLash Separator before applying mascara will help define your lashes and keep them in place. There are a variety of arches, widths, and angles to choose from when it comes to eyelash curlers.

You should use your eyelash curler before applying any other product to your lashes. Lashes stick on the tool because of mascara. Your open curler should be placed along the lash line to ensure that all of your lashes are lifted.

Wet n wild eyelash curler

With your comfort in mind, this eyelash curler was built. Cushion-soft grips are designed to make them comfortable to use time and time again. If you want long, curled eyelashes, it doesn’t have to be difficult! To avoid damaging the eyes, this eyelash curler was specifically built to be gentle.

You can curl your lashes in a matter of seconds and with no effort. Eyelash curling has never been easier with this simple tool. This eye curler is genuinely universal in that it may be used on any eye shape or size.

What to look for before buying the best eyelash curler for Asian eyes. (Buying guide)

  • Cushion

The amount of cushion on the curler is just as vital as the shape of the eyes. Having thick and straight lashes, Asian lashes require more padding to curl each lash enough to maintain its shape throughout the day. To get a better hold and a more dramatic lift, we use curlers with bigger pads since you can apply more pressure without harming your lashes.

  • The curve of the Curler

The shape and curvature of each eyelash curler are what sets them unique from one another. You would expect folks with rounder eyes to require an oval-shaped eye curler while those with straighter eyelids would be better served by a flat one.

If you’re looking for an eyelash curler that doesn’t pinch your eyelid or entirely miss half of your lashes, this is the one for you. Generally speaking, the less curvature a person’s eye has, the better.

  • Heat

The temperature is also an issue to keep in mind. It’s possible to lengthen the duration of the hold by heating the cushion before applying it to your eyelashes. Some lash curlers have a built-in heater, while others may be warmed up with a blow dryer or another heat source.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should you do if your bottom eyelashes won’t keep up curled?

It is possible to curl the bottom pins by placing them on top of the top pins and then twisting them. Tilt your chin to the lower laugh as you open your eyes. The first portion of the cloves should be properly curled.

Does using an eyelash curler on Asian eyes work?

When it comes to finding the right eyewear for me, it’s all about the curve. When it comes to Asian eyelashes, a safe bet is to go with a more flattened shape. You’ll know if you locate it that your eyewear will remain in a perfect butterfly delicate bend for eternity.

Do Asian eyes respond well to the Shiseido Eyelash Curler’s heat?

At the most affordable price, the Shiseido eyelash curler is one of the most popular eyelash curlers in Asia and retail marketplaces in Japan. Because it has a flatter curve than typical curlers, it’s easier to get to both corners of the hair with this wand.

What kind of is the best eyelash curler for Asian eyes?

Monolids often have lashes that grow straight down. Lashes that are lifted and curled at the lashline are the most eye-opening. As a result, your eyes will appear brighter, larger, and more awake throughout the day.

Conclusion about best eyelash curler for Asian eyes

A good product should let people appreciate their uniqueness while making them feel confident. So, which of these eyelash curlers is best for Asian eyes? Overall, I prefer the Tweezerman curler. For monolid eyes, this tool is ideal since it offers a fantastic angle for curling the lashes while also optimising the amount of pressure you apply to your eyelids.

Without hurting your lashes or pinching the skin around the eyes, our other top choices will help you achieve outstanding results quickly and easily. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, this eyelash curler is easy to use, ergonomic, and built to last. I hope that you will find this article about best eyelash curler for asian eyes useful.



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