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Levi’s Men’s Leather Bomber Jacket

About Levi’s
The globally well-established clothing company Levi’s Strauss & co is an American Company founded in May 1853. Levi’s is famous for its denim jeans, and also has superb quality apparel like jackets, t-shirts, track & sports suits, men’s Blazers, etc.

Design of Levi’s Bomber Jacket
The design of Levi’s bomber jacket is very simple and clear having two zipper pockets on the chest with snap closures, on the top of these snaps closers pockets there are two upper zipper pockets. The center front of the bomber jacket has a zipper with a stand-up adjustable zipper collar having clear detailing, and there are two bottom welt pockets to warm your hand.
The stylish features of Levi’s bomber jacket are the Snap epaulets on shoulders which gives a stunning and classy look. The cuffing in rib knit provides very soft and comfortable sleeves. The hem of the jacket has the same color border to give full support to the jacket and a comfortable experience. The jacket makes a man more handsome and dashing.

Quality of Levi’s Bomber Jacket

The Levi’s bomber jacket is made from 100% polyurethane, a material also called “faux leather” made from plastic and it cost less as compared to the original leather. Faux leather is usually used in clothing due to its durability and affordability. It provides a great experience to the end-user according to its cost. However, the artificial faux leather can’t beat the quality, softness, and durability of the original leather.

The Sherpa-lined body of the jacket will keep you warm so far and it’s waterproof as well, but again it has faux leather which could keep you safe to some extent from cold and water but can’t provide you a long-term experience.


The Levi’s Men’s Faux-Leather Sherpa Aviator Bomber Jacket is available on Amazon, find it by clicking here.

Overall, the bomber jacket will give you a stylish look and warm feel for a short time if you have a small budget and looking for a branded jacket. Levi’s men’s bomber jacket made from polyurethane material looks almost similar to genuine leather and it’s very difficult to distinguish at first sight but you’ll sure to notice the difference after a few months of use.


  • Stylish
  • Waterproof
  • Warm


  • Polyurethane material
  • Not durable for a long time
  • Expensive

Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Smooth Leather Bomber Jacket

About Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is an American world-leading designer lifestyle brand, known for its famous apparel, footwear, fragrances, house furnishing, and accessories. The headquarter of Tommy Hilfiger is located in Netherland, and have many stores across the globe with the essence of classic and elegant American cool style.

Let’s have a look at Tommy Hilfiger men’s smooth lamb faux leather unfilled bomber jacket available on Amazon.

Design of Bomber Leather Jacket

The lamb faux unfilled bomber leather jacket has a classic and casual look at first sight, but if you see the detailing you will come across the clarity and finishing of the jacket. The bomber jacket has two welts lower pockets and a center zipper with a stand-up collar. The rib-knit detailing is used on the collar and cuffs to provide soft and easy comfort. The hem of the jacket also gives strong and elastic support when you sit or move with a closer center zipper.

The inner side of the bomber jacket comes in different colors with a welt zipper pocket to keep your belongings more secure. The inner color makes it classier and more stunning.

Quality of Bomber Leather Jacket

The jacket comes with a waterproof feature which will help you in the rainy season or keep you safe and clean from getting any liquid on it. The fabric of the jacket is made from faux leather which is polyurethane material (plastic). It will keep you warm but it’s not a long-term solution. The faux leather can’t beat the quality of the original leather. Faux is made chemically and has unique finishing and warming characteristics. That’s why you will find it a little cheap as compared to the jackets made from original leather.


To sum up the review, I have both pros and cons about the Tommy Hilfiger faux leather bomber jacket for men’s available on Amazon. According to your needs, you can choose it for yourself if you are looking for a stylish and classic design and want to wear it in those areas where winter is not too cold. The finishing is very attractive and clear and it will give you a handsome look.


  • Simple & elegant
  • Waterproof


  • Low quality

Calvin Klein Men’s Leather Moto Jacket with Removable Hood and Bib

About Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is one of the globally known American fashion brands. Calvin Klein deals in lifestyle accessories, jewelry, leathers, watches, ready-to-wear, and home furnishing. Calvin Klein shares a high figures market share in commercial and retail lines. The company also has a well and perfect stitching status, Calvin Klein never compromises on its stitching standards.

Design Of Moto Leather Jacket

The moto leather jacket by Calvin Klein comes with a removable hood and bib. Two in one fashion product gives a hoody and collar look in one product. When it’s cold and you want to keep your head and ears warm then join the hood and enjoy the cold, on the other hand, you can wear it without any hood to feel the cold. Make sure it should not be too cold you will get freeze.

The Calvin Klein has two welts lower pockets and two welt chest pockets, both the welt pockets have zipper closures to protect your belonging more safely. The center front has a zipper closer as well and a motto-style classic collar with an adjustable snap on the neck. The hem has a perfect design and support to give you stretch comfortable while the jacket is closed from the front center.

Furthermore, there is an inner bib zipper sweatshirt along with the hood and it is easily removable for a collar experience. The cuffs are designed with the same faux leather to complete jacket looks instead of any cotton rubber style cuffs like most jackets have.

Quality of Moto leather jacket

the Calvin Klein leather motto style hood adjustable jacket is made from polyurethane a type of plastic that is used in leather making. This is also called faux leather. The fabric looks like the original leather and it’s very difficult to identify which one has the original leather. The jacket is easily handed washable and gives the elegant look and a perfect carrying outfit.


If you are looking for a jacket having the features of cold protection, with and without collar respectively. Then this removable hooded jacket is best for you. The faux leather will keep you warm but it is not made for long-term use. But in the Amazon price range, the Calvin Klein jacket is the perfect choice to add a stunning outfit to your fashion basket.


  • Good quality
  • Removable hood


  • No long-term use

GUESS men’s Parka Jacket with Removable Faux Fur Trim

About Guess Company

Guess is a globally recognized American brand that specializes in clothing, watches, jewelry, bags, shoes, and perfumes. It began in 1981 as a Guess book of styles, it is globally known for its softer, lighter, and amazing sense of fashion.

The unique and stylish jacket for men by Guess is titled a heavyweight hooded parka jacket with removable faux fur trim. At the first sight, the jacket looks very simple and old-fashioned but you will become a fan of it after knowing the hiding features of the Guess jacket, keep reading to explore more.

Design Of Heavyweight Hooded Parka Jacket

The jacket has a long shirt-styled look to cover your body. It has two lower welt pockets which are deep from inside to cover your hands easily. The center front has a zipper closer and the company added some button closer style over the zipper which makes the jacket more attractive and modern style jacket.

The jacket has no extra cuffs stitched as we have seen in many other jackets. This is also giving a feel of lightweight and free hands. The main feature of a Guess hooded parka jacket is its removable faux fur trim hood. The faux means not fully leather but the hood is made from similar material to the leather. The fur style makes it awesome and it can be removable where needed to shift on collar style. There are two laces adjusted with the collar to provide you more support to set your collar or hood tight or loose.

When it comes to the inner view of the jacket it’s very simple. There are no inner pockets to keep your belongings safe.

Quality of heavyweight hooded parka jacket

If we talk about the quality of Guess men’s parka hooded jacket with removable faux fur trim, it is 100% made from polyester to keep you warm throughout the winters. the polyester can keep you warm from the inside against the strong winters as well. The long-lasting fabrication will keep it for a long period even after the machine wash you will feel it like a new jacket.

Final verdict

Without wasting any further second, I will suggest you grab it today from Amazon before it became out of stock. The elegant and super quality with a removable fur-styled hood provides an awesome exposure in your fashion. The long shirt covers your body more as compared to others jackets in this price range. Also, it’s very easy to take on or off due to its inner lining. The only compromise is the inner pockets, well that’s not the problem, I Guess.


  • High quality
  • Removable hood
  • Long styled
  • Button and zipper front closure


  • No inside pockets

Tommy Hilfiger men’s Classic Walking Coat

About Tommy Hilfiger

A well-known American brand Tommy Hilfiger has made his name in the world-leading designer lifestyle brand, known for its famous apparel, footwear, fragrances, house furnishing, and accessories. The headquarter is located in Netherland, and operating its stores across the globe.

They named their coat a “Walking Coat”. Does it walk? So strange to read this word. But let me tell you why they did this. Keep reading the article to find the answer.

Design of Tommy Walking Coat

The design of the coat is very simple and graceful, and it’s amazing when it touches your body. The center front has a button closure and there is no zipper to reel it. The coat comes in two welts lower pockets. The buttons are superbly designed for an elegant and simple look. The laydown collars designed with the same inner fur lining also added a stunning look to the Walking Coat.

Moving on, the cuffs are not separately attached or designed as we see in many coats. And there is a Tommy Hilfiger flag embroidered patch on the left cuff of the coat which adds a classic style to this simple coat. The stitched bold borders are top of the style which gives more elegant exposure to the coat, especially on the chest a two stitched border lines made it a graceful coat.

The Walking Coat is available in three different colors on amazon, black, grey, and brown. The brown and grey have white inner fur lining and the black goes with the same black inner fur lining.

Quality of Tommy Walking Coat

The Tommy Hilfiger Walking Coat is made from 100% polyester to keep you warm in winter. The Classic Walking Coat has a soft faux shearling suede body and full body faux fur lining inside for a warming experience. The coat is easily washable in a machine and the good quality fabric does not let it get worse in few washes.

The coat is very light in weight, sometimes I don’t feel that I am wearing it or not. So, due to its lightweight, the coat got the name “Walking Coat”. You can easily work in this coat and it will never disappoint you. Grab it right now on Amazon before it gets out of stock.



  • Lightweight
  • High-quality material


  • No zipper front closure

Hood Crew Men’s Leather Bomber Jacket

About Crew Company

The crew is a British Clothing company and it’s inspired by British casual wear. It specializes in men’s and women’s shoes, accessories, apparel, and casual wear. It also deals in sporting and yachting fashion styles.

The crew men’s hood jacket available on Amazon is special and has many top-of-the-line features to provide you the best and amazing quality product. Keep reading the article you will come across the highly packed jacket.

Design Of Casual Stand Collar Motorcycle Jacket

Starting from the bottom, the stretchable hem provides elastic support, and upper to that there are two welt pockets to warm your hands. On the chest, the left side is decorated with two curve zipper designs, remember they are not pockets, on the right side a flap pocket is designed to carry your belongings easily.

After removing the hood, the collars are designed in a standing position. the hood of the crew men’s jacket allows you to change your fashion style when needed because it’s removable. The center front has a zipper closure. The ribbed cuffs are also stretchable and soft to protect you from any wind or cold.

Quality Of Casual Stand Collar Motorcycle Jacket

The crew men’s jacket is made from 100% polyurethane also known as faux leather, that allows you to remain warm. The jacket is not made for a machine wash, you have to wash it by hand to keep its quality standards always high.

The main feature or quality of this crew men’s jacket is, it’s made from eco-friendly faux leather to protect you from any rain and snow due to its water and wind-resistant quality. Also, the jacket is especially for those who ride a bike on a long route, this perfect and cool piece for them to protect themselves from any hassles during their journey.

So, without any delay grab it now by clicking the button below, it will take you to your amazing crew men’s jacket specially designed for you.



  • Designed for Bikers
  • Good quality


  • Not machine wash


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