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A perfect body position while sleeping, reading, or watching TV gives relaxation and a fresh feeling if you have a suitable option. But what if you can’t take your body in perfect position due to your Sturdy and undesigned bed, you will face many problems such as:

Everyone wants to make their life perfect, relax, and easy, but unable to find the all-in-one solution.

What if you find a bed that can do all your work according to your choice? Then you can free yourself by the following issues:

  • Pain in back
  • Getting in and out to the bed
  • Adjusting your bed near to switchboard to charge your phone & laptop while using
  • Continuous working and find someone to give you a massage.
  • Can’t find a perfect position in bed to watch your favorite TV show or read a book
  • Unable to move your bed due to its heavyweight

So, here is “Ghost Bed” a perfect choice for your relaxed life. The Ghost Bed has a mission to produce highly comfortable, quality, and affordable mattresses to give you a smooth and soft feeling with their adjustable base technology. The mattresses of Ghost Bed are manufactured in the United States of America and the adjustable base are made of Taiwan.

Features Of Ghost Bed

Now, buckle up your seat belt, and let’s go with us on a trip full of Ghost Bed features. The first good thing is Ghost Bed comes with a remote to control your relaxing experience.

Features Of Ghost Bed
  1. Child Lock :  This function provides safety to your child if they accidentally press any button on the remote it will not work while the child lock function is on.
  2. Pair With Control Box : This button will pair your remote with the bed to make it ready for any time. The pair will be done once only.
  3. Memory Position: The “M” function will save your desire position in memory. Set your bed in the required position and press and hold the memory position button until lights flash. So, you can easily get the desired position always by saving it once.
  4. Flash Light ON/OFF :The torch on the button will turn ON or OFF the built-in flashlight of the remote.
  5. Head-Up : The icon of a bed with a round head and showing an arrow direction to the upper side will pull the head of the bed up.
  6. Zero-G Present Position : The button has ZG labeled which performs an amazing functionality. It elevates the zero-gravity position and puts your legs slightly higher than chest level; this also helps to flow blood back from legs to heart more easily, which helps a person to reduce fatigue and stress.
  7. TV Present Position : Thie button is labeled as TV, turns the bed in an ideal position for watching your favorite TV shows, reading a book, or using your laptop for a long time without any back pain.
  8. Foot Up : The icon is designed lower from the head and upper from the foot area with an arrow indicating towards the upper direction. It pulls the foot up as required.
  9. Foot Down : The icon is designed lower from the head and upper from the foot area with an arrow indicating towards the lower direction. It pulls the foot down as required.
  10. Flat Position : The button is placed to the center of four buttons (Head up/down and Foot up/down). It has an icon of a horizontal line with a round dot (head) which converts the Ghost Bed into a flat position.
  11. Anti-Snore : The button has a “ZZZ” labeled which gives you an ideal position to prevent snoring. The bed raises the head slightly to open the airways which work as anti-snoring. It will give your partner a relaxing sleep. This feature will also prevent asthma attacks, heartburn, and acid reflux.
  12. Lounge : The button has an open book icon that refers to operating the base into a chaise lounge position. The Head and foot side raises slightly into the lounge position which helps you to reduce tension and stress in the lower back.
  13. Massage Timer Lights : There are three lights on the remotes which work with the massage timer. There are three timer modes on remote 10, 20, 30 minutes.
  14. Head : After pressing the head button there are 15 modes available that change the intensity of the head massage.
  15. Foot : After pressing the Foot button there are 15 modes available that change the intensity of the Foot massage.
  16. Timer : This button is placed between the head and foot, this button will automatically turn the massaging feature off after 10, 20, and 30 minutes.
  17. On/Off : This button will turn off or on your head and foot massage.
  18. Mode : This button provides the three different vibration wave modes.
  19. Led On/Off : This button has a light icon that turns on or off the under-bed led lights.

The massage features are a great innovation in beds. It provides relief from back pains, stress, fatigue, aches, and snoring. It also helps to circulate blood properly in the body with its head and foot positions to prevent breathing issues. All the features are very beneficial for a patient as well to recover fast and having an appropriate position which helps to remain relax and easy.

Other Outstanding Features

  1. USB Ports

There are USB ports on each side of the base to charge your mobile or laptop and enjoy relaxing suffering.

  1. Under Bed Lights

The bed has under lights to prevent you from any accidents if you need to get up in the middle of the night.

  1. Power Down Function

If there is any power shortage, it will down its power and provide you a relaxing experience in that condition as well.

  1. Custom Settings

There are a few buttons or functionalities where you can program settings according to your desire or needs. These will be remained save with the following buttons

  • Lounge
  • M
  • Zero gravity
  • TV


Remote should be already paired with the control box, but if that’s not the case, simply perform the following step:

  1. After pressing the pair button twice on the remote, you will see on the base a blue light on the control box will turn blue.
  2. Then, press and hold the pair button the light on the remote will flash as it paired successfully.

Mattress compatibility

If you are got inspired by the Ghost Bed’s amazing features and planning to add this to your busy life, make sure to have a compatible mattress. Because most mattresses don’t have the softness and always remain hard which results in body pain as well. On the other hand, some mattresses have trouble with the inner springs despite the good quality form and latex which also cause disturbance while relaxing and have pressure on the innerspring.

You can also find an appropriate mattress fit at which will be compatible with the bed and having the strong and long-lasting promise of quality.

Converting Stress Into Relax

The lovely part of the Ghost Bed adjustable base is simply assembling. Most of the bed parts are already assembled and ready to go. More interesting is, the entire unit is foldable in half and fits in one box easily which is very impressive instead of carrying many boxes for different parts the assemble them. Thankfully Ghost Bed adjustable bed does not take that much effort.

Inside the Box

  1. Remote controller
  2. Two AAA batteries for remote
  3. Six legs for support
  4. Retainer bracket
  5. Two pins

Step By Step Assembling

  1. Placing the box on the ground where base facing the right way when open the box.
  2. Attach the four legs set under the bottom section of the base to cover the foot area and the remaining two legs set under the head area.
  3. Plug the power cords correctly.
  4. Place 2 AAA batteries in the remote
  5. Remove the 2 pins from the retainer and insert the retainer into two holes at the foot of the bed, then return the pins for holding the retainer in place.

Information For The Split King User

If you are planning to buy a split king user Ghost Bed adjustable base, you will have two Twin XL bases. Also, you will have bed leg straps to tightly wrap the legs of the two bases together to keep everything aligned and in place.

Delivery Option

If you don’t want to assemble an adjustable Ghost Bed, just simply use the white glove delivery option at the payment step. Someone from the Ghost Bed company will arrive in few days at your doorstep and assemble your Ghost Bed expertly. White glove delivery includes many services such as unboxing, setting up the bed, and removal of the old mattress if it’s necessary.

But always remember all these services have some extra charges. Make sure to confirm the cost before taking these services.


An adjustable Ghost Bed comes in a lifetime warranty including one-year service repair coverage. There is also an option of 3 years extended warranty at the checkout point, but it will only cover the:

  • Labor
  • Parts
  • Freight


To sum up all the features and tell you the final verdict, I will suggest you go with an adjustable Ghost Bed it’s worth buying. Because it has all the essential functionalities according to the needs of today’s busy and tough schedule of people. All the positions will give you relief from any stress and body pain and the massaging functions have made it more essential in today’s time. Its already assembled and have many extraordinary features like USB ports, led lights, remote controller.

If you have a decent budget and want to convert your stressful life into a stress-free life then this product is for you. Order it and give reality to the comforts of life.



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