Best tanning lotion for legs

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Legs are notoriously difficult to get a nice, even tan on. Leg tans tend to be patchy and discoloured, and they don’t always line up with the rest of your body’s tan. This happens for a variety of reasons. Even if you tan for an extended period, some things will keep your legs from turning a golden brown. The best way to boost the tan on your legs is with effective leg tanning treatments.

How does the best tanning lotion for legs work? Antioxidants and moisturisers are the main ingredients in a leg tanner. Additionally, several tanning lotions have chemicals that assist our skin to create more melanin and prevent premature ageing.

To help you find the best tanning lotion for your legs, we have compiled a list of some incredible tanning lotions for you below.

Our selection: Best tanning lotion for legs

Winner: Sally Hansen Airbrush Tanning Lotion

Long-lasting, skin-illuminating gloss that provides a subtle glow. Gives your skin a healthy and firm look.

Runner up: Snooki skin firming leg bronzer

You won’t have to shave your legs as often, and your tan will last longer, because it contains a hair-growth inhibitor.

Makeup tanning lotion for legs- Sally Hansen Airbrush tanning lotion

Skin defects like veins, freckles, and anything else you’d like to hide can be covered up with Sally Hansen Hansen Hansen airbrush leg makeup. Whether you’re going about your day or dancing the night away, the transfer-resistant composition won’t rub off on you. When you’re getting ready to go out, incorporate this into your routine for immaculate, airbrushed results.

Things we like

  • Does not rub off easily
  • Fast drying
  • Covers veins, freckles
  • Water-resistant

Things we dislike

  • Smell not good

Indoor tanning lotion- Snooki skin firming leg bronzer

One of the most popular leg tanning treatments is this bronzing solution. It has a hair-growth inhibitor, so you don’t have to shave as often, which means your tan will last longer and look better. Dark bronzers in the mix help to achieve a deep tan even in regions that are notoriously tough to reach


It contains skin-firming agents, shave-minimizers, and skin-conditioning ingredients. As a result, you’ll be left with an excellent tanning effect from all of these factors. It contains coconut and sweet almond essential oils, which leave the skin elastic, silky, and smooth. It also contains skin moisturiser, so your legs’ skin stays soft and supple all day.

Things we like

  • Long-lasting tan
  • Infused with skin moisturizer
  • Contains essential oils
  • Comes with skin-firming ingredients

Things we dislike

  • Smell not good

Firming self-tanner- Jergens Natural Glow tanning lotion for legs

When used as a replacement for your regular body moisturiser daily, it takes about a week for fair skin tones to get stunning, natural-looking colour. Natural Glow +FIRMING by Jergens Improves the appearance of cellulite on fair to medium skin types. Lighter skin tones see a noticeable reduction in cellulite after using an anti-cellulite lotion. Hydration and suppleness are both improved by using a collagen moisturiser. To give the skin a smoother appearance, it is infused with a blend of collagen, elastin, and polymers.

Things we like

  • Results in smooth skin
  • Infused with collagen and elastin
  • Reduces cellulite
  • Provides natural-looking color

Things we dislike

  • Expensive

Medium natural tan- L’oreal Paris sublime bronzer

With this sunless tanning lotion, you’ll get a streak-free tan and a subtle shine. This self-quick-drying, tanner’s streak-free product gives a natural-looking sunless tan with a slight sheen within 2-4 hours of usage, with all the ease and coverage of a spray tan.
Self-tanners from L’Oreal Paris allow you to get a sun-kissed look at home. L’Oréal Paris sunless tanning lotions, mousses, towelettes, serums, and mists are easy to use and give your skin a streak-free tan.

Things we like

  • Gives streak-free tan
  • Quick-drying
  • Natural-looking tan
  • Easy to use

Things we dislike

  • Not waterproof

Long-lasting tanning lotion for legs- Ed hardy glowing tanner coconut kisses

It works by increasing the production of melanin, which speeds up the tanning process. Melanin synthesiser Melactiva for deeper, more long-lasting coloration. Tyrosine-stimulating Nouritan produces an even and long-lasting tanning effect. Reduces cellulite and increases firmness in the body through exercise. Protects your tattoos and tanning effects from fading using this product. Cocoa butter, coconut oil, and coconut milk are all excellent moisturisers that go deep into the skin to lock in moisture.

Things we like

  • Long-lasting tan
  • Reduces cellulite
  • Promotes skin firmness
  • Provides moisture to the skin

Things we dislike

  • Pricey

Dark tanning lotion- Australian gold tanning lotion for legs

You’ll get a darker tan with the help of this dark tanning accelerator lotion, which contains an immediate bronzer. Allows for an even sunless tan or outdoor sun tan thanks to its quick absorption and easy mixing. Antioxidant-rich Tea Tree Oil and high-potency Vitamin C-rich Kakadu Plum extract work together to fight free radicals while also gently cleansing the skin, leaving it healthy and smooth. To prepare your skin for a darker tan, this tanning intensifier offers a sophisticated blend of substances that soothe, smoothen, and nourish your skin.

Things we like

  • Gives healthy and smooth skin
  • Comes with high potency vitamin C
  • Contains immediate bronzer
  • Easy and quick application

Things we dislike

  •  Not good for indoor tanning

What to consider before buying the best tanning lotion for legs?

In choosing leg tanning lotions, you should take into account the same things you do for your body and face tanning lotions. Among these factors are:

  • Compatibility

Compatibility is a critical factor to take into account. As a result, it helps to avoid skin irritation and inflammation as a result of the tanning lotion you choose. Your skin type and allergies should be taken into consideration when choosing the tanning formula. Testing for compatibility by running a patch test is a common practice. If you have sensitive skin, this is an even more important consideration.

  • Application

Tanning lotion should leave the skin moisturised, velvety and smooth while giving the skin an even, dark, and streak-free bronzed look. All areas of the application must be free of orange tints, streaks, or any other residue at all times.

  • Features

It is possible to learn about the features of various tanning formulae through online guides and reviews, such as ours. An evaluation of these formulas is essential for making an informed decision about whether or not they are compatible.

  • Price

Another important consideration while making a decision is the price. We’ve compiled a list of the best leg tanning lotions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a darker tan in less time?

Exfoliation is a must before every tanning session. It removes any dry, dead skin cells that could interfere with the UV rays and leaves the skin feeling supple and clean.

Why is it so difficult to get a tan on your legs?

applying tanning lotion to one’s legs
The tanning process relies heavily on the presence of melanin. Melanin activation and production are responsible for your skin’s dark colour and pigmentation. Because legs produce less melanin than other parts of the body, they are less tanned.

Is there any way to speed up the tanning process with the lotion?

Cosmetic bronzers can be found in a wide variety of items sold online. They’re made to replenish vitamins and skincare components that get lost in the process of tanners’ bodies.

There is no “tingle” left in my lotion anymore. Why is this happening?

In time, your skin will adapt to the tingle and you will no longer feel it. However, even if you are not experiencing any heat, the tingling continues to function for you For a “jump-start” on your skin, we suggest switching out your products every few months or so.

To what end is a dual bronzer put to use?

Caramel and walnut extract, as well as DHA tanning agents, can be used in tandem to achieve even darker results from dual bronzers, which combine the effects of both cosmetic bronzers and DHA tanning agents. A minimum of four hours after using any bronzer is recommended for optimal results.

Why does indoor tanning sometimes refer to as “smart tanning?

To avoid sunburn, it’s a good idea to develop a tan indoors rather than outside, where you’re more likely to get burned. Professional tanning facility workers educate tanners on how their skin reacts to the sun, as well as how to avoid sunburn both outdoors and in the salon. We call this “SMART TANNING”

Can I spray self-tan my legs with it?

On the legs, self-tanner spray can be used; on the feet and ankles, it doesn’t work as well as you’d want. A foot spray can be used, but it would be more cumbersome than a footbath to apply between the toes and along the foot’s outer edge. To apply lotion or foam, a tanning mitt might be utilised.

Conclusion about best tanning lotion for legs

The gift of toned and highlighted legs can be yours without having to spend a lot of time working out. You’ll look like a goddess in your summer dresses and hot pants with a well-nourished application of self-tanner on your legs.

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