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IHOT Vintage Tea Retro Swing Prom Dress for Women

IHOT Vintage Tea Retro Swing Prom Dress for Women

Fashion is highly inspired by western culture across the globe. The women’s frocks made their place in the fashion industry from its first day, whether it’s a party, a wedding, a picnic, the frock is worn everywhere till date from simple and heavy work, it comes in every pattern.

Design and quality

The IHOT women’s vintage tea frock is made from 95% cotton, 5% spandex. Spandex is a lightweight synthetic fabric material that is used in clothing to make them stretchable. The quality of women’s vintage tea dress by IHOT is very high that makes it stunning, stylish, gorgeous, and long-lasting.


When it comes to the designing of IHOT women’s vintage tea frock, the dress is a retro 1950’s cocktail classical cutting dress that brought the old fashion styles in this modern era to re-create the fashion more valuable. This 1950’s vintage frock has many designs like flowers, butterflies, etc. that give you a 1950’s classical feeling.

Do you remember the 1950 actresses like Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor, etc. they used to wear these kinds of frocks now again that is brought by IHOT again in the market to make you more beautiful in today’s time like those stunning actresses.

The IHOt vintage 1950’s tea dress has a “V” shaped neck and a belly belt that makes it a supportive outfit. The bottom has a round hem just below the knee with the shirring styled (folds). Every vintage frock has a different style in terms of the belt, printed design, etc. but similar in size and quality so choose the best design for yourself. The back of the frock is plain and simple with a hidden center zipper closure that will help you while wearing.


The sizes are perfect and accurate but if you are confused about two sizes better would be to go with the larger one. Let’s take a look at the below chart to have some sizes understanding.

Dress sizeBust (inches)Waist (inches)Length (inches)

Wrapping up the review

To wrap up my review, I would suggest every woman try this amazing stylish retro vintage dress by IHOT. It has amazing designs and colors you cant choose only one because every frock is distinct from each other. These vintage 1950’s frocks by IHOT are available on Amazon, so checkout these stylish women’s frocks today. These can be worn on every occasion whether it’s a party, a wedding, a picnic, dinner or any meeting it’s suitable for every event. Along with this frock, check out my reviews on women’s handbags, wrist watches, jewelry, sandals, shoes, and many more on


  • Retro frock
  • High quality


  • None

Simple Floral Vintage Dress Midi Sleeves for Women

Simple Floral Vintage Dress Midi Sleeves for Women

Women always want to look gorgeous whether it’s a party, a picnic, a dinner, a birthday party, a wedding, etc. and it becomes a little challenging for them to choose what should be worn? So, this problem has been solved by Flavor Women’s Floral Vintage simple dress.

Design and quality

The Flavor Women’s Floral Vintage simple dress is made from Polyester with a round neck and a hidden back zipper closure. The elegant women’s flavor dress comes with a midi knee length and three quarter (3/4) sleeve that makes it more stunning. The hem of the vintage women’s simple dress by the flavor is round till mid of the knee and the dress has printed flowers called patchwork.

The dress is easily worn on every occasion like going to parties, attending weddings, and many more because the simple style with patchwork makes it elegant and classy. You can choose any bottom with it like trouser, jeans, etc.

Size chart

Check the below chart for choosing the perfect size for yourself.

Manufacturer sizeUSABustwaistshouldersleevelength


The Flavor Women’s Floral Vintage simple dress is completely a women’s essential dress. You can wear it on regular basis and for occasions as well. Its quality is high and lasts for a long period after several washes. It’s easily available on Amazon in many vibrant colors and different patchwork (print). So, choose the lightweight and stunning flavor vintage dress and make your day fantastic.


  • Elegant design
  • High quality


  • None

Halife Women’s Casual Dress with Pocket

Halife Women's Casual Dress with Pocket

This woman 3/ 4 sleeve stripe elastic waist casual dress by Halife is perfect for every woman because it comes in a stylish and clear design. The high-quality fabric is used in this women frock is which gives a superb and breathable experience.

This women’s frock has stripped design that looks so sweet in this cozy material. It has a slash pocket on each side of the frock that makes it stunning and easy for caring belongings. This Halife women frock/dress is the perfect choice for summers and especially for vacations, it will keep you cool all day. Also, it has a pocket on each side that gives you a practical and chic look.

The dress is very light in weight and easy carrying that suit on every occasion. it’s available on amazon in many vibrant colors so grab it today and feel the quality of this day that going to last for a long time. you can carry your essentials like your small clutch and other things including your smartphone in its pockets to keep your hands free.

Don’t forget to check out my reviews on women’s clothing, women’s handbags, and many more on


  • High quality


  • None

MOLERANI Women’s Casual Plain Simple T-Shirt Loose Dress

MOLERANI Women's Casual Plain Simple T-Shirt Loose Dress

The women’s casual plain loose frock by Molerani is made from 95% rayon (a type of synthetic fiber material) and 5% spandex that gives a stretchable experience.

The dress is plain and some have floral prints, but can’t tell you the exact position because every pattern has a different style of design. This frock by Molerani is perfect for every occasion and can last for a long time even after several machine washes. This women frock has a round neck and half sleeves that keep you breathable in summers.

This frock has a casual style and it comes litter higher to the knee as a mini shirt. You can choose a perfect women’s handbag or a women’s jewelry that suits this stylish and elegant frock, for this check out my reviews on all women essentials.

This women frock by Molerani is available on Amazon in very unique and stylish colors and designs. So, choose the best one for yourself and make your fashion style more advance and distinct.


  • Regular fit
  • Stretchable


  • None


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