Can we use electric massager during pregnancy?

Can we use electric massager during pregnancy?
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As soon as you find out you’re pregnant, you’re thrown into an emotional and physical whirlwind. Your everyday routine begins to shift the moment you realise you’re pregnant. Every meal is different, every activity is different, and you have a never-ending list of questions. Pregnancy necessitates both psychological and physical care to maintain optimal health. If you’re suffering from sadness or anxiety during your pregnancy, massage treatment can assist.

So, can we use electric massager during pregnancy? The answer is Yes; pregnant ladies have found vibrating massagers to be extremely helpful in relieving their discomfort, anxiety, and stiffness.

Can we use electric massager during pregnancy?

Using an electric massager while pregnant is completely safe. As a precaution against premature labour, certain massage chair manufacturers advise pregnant women not to use their products. However, no studies have been done on this topic.

Muscle and amniotic fluid protect your baby from harm. There isn’t much of a difference between receiving a traditional massage and utilising a massage chair, and there is no proof that electromagnetic fields produced by these chairs hurt you or your child.

Both an electric massager and a vibrating massage chair can produce the same results. As a result, pregnant women should take the same precautions when using electric massage chairs.

What are the benefits and risks of using electric massager during pregnancy?

Pregnancy massagers, as previously indicated, become a vital part of a woman’s life because they provide the comfort she needs. When a woman is pregnant, there are numerous reasons why she may need massagers.


The most popular benefits of using electric massagers are:

  • Using a massager can reduce edoema.
  • They lessen feelings of sadness.
  • Reduces tension and anxiety
  • Involves a reduction in muscle tension.
  • Smooth delivery can be achieved with the help of massage
  • Improves the quality of your sleep
  • Aids in the regulation of hormones
  • Prevents the need for pain medication during childbirth
  • Swelling and inflammation are lessened.
  • Back discomfort can be alleviated.


However, using an electric massage chair while pregnant has some securities as well:

  • Your baby may be harmed by the vibration.
  • The chair’s heating element may cause you to overheat, endangering the health of your newborn child.
  • Pregnancy may be induced by applying pressure to certain spots


A massage chair’s vibration is usually not strong enough to cause any harm. There is no danger to your stomach even if you use the highest setting because you are sitting.


These seats, on the other hand, don’t apply enough pressure to cause labour. As it turns out, acupressure labour points require continuous pressure that isn’t provided by a massage chair.


A massage chair’s heat will likely be below but it’s still a good idea to watch out for overheating while pregnant. When you’re expecting, it’s not a good idea to overheat yourself. There are several health risks associated with using a sauna or a hot tub.

However, if you use the electric messages properly during pregnancy, there is no harm.

Does using an electric neck massager during pregnancy pose any risks?

Electric neck massagers are safe to use while pregnant, but you must be cautious while making your selection. If you’re expecting, this form of massage may be too jarring for your shoulders. It is considerably easier to massage the back of your neck and shoulders with a long-handled electric neck massager.

The neck and shoulders can also be massaged with other types of massagers. Some are shaped like a neck pillow, while others are more like a cushion. An alternative style is shaped like a choker and is small enough to be worn around the wearer’s neck. There is no doubt that these are specifically designed for neck and shoulder massage.

Foot, lower leg, lower back, and arm massages are all possible with massagers that have a long handle. However. While pregnant, avoid massaging the lower leg or lower back using a vibrating or percussive massager. As a result of the changes in circulation that occur during pregnancy, this can be harmful.

Electric Massager Use Instructions

There are three trimesters in pregnancy, with each trimester lasting roughly three months. During the first trimester of pregnancy, there is a substantial risk of miscarriage if the pregnant woman does not follow certain rules.

  • Vibrating massagers, according to some experts, should be avoided during this time. Vibrating massagers, it turns out, can be used at any stage of pregnancy, according to the research.
  • As a precaution, we advise against using vibrating massagers during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy due to the potential for triggering contractions. Talk to your doctor before using vibrating massagers if the pregnant woman has recently had an injury, high blood pressure, or heart problems.
  • Different vibrating massagers can be found in the marketplace. It’s preferable to know how to use a common massager during pregnancy than not know how to use one at all.

When to avoid electric massager during pregnancy?

It’s okay to forego using an electric massage chair while pregnant if you’re concerned about the risks. During the first trimester and the final four weeks of pregnancy, some people may experience discomfort.

The massage chair can be avoided during pregnancy for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Sciatica

 If you’re suffering from sciatica, you may assume that a massage might be beneficial. Aside from making things worse, it could aggravate already painful nerves and muscles.

  • Morning sickness

A lot of jostling could make you sick if you’re already feeling sick from the morning sickness.

  • Aches and pains in the back

Lower back discomfort can be treated in the same way. Pregnancy can make back discomfort much more difficult to deal with, and you may inflame the area further. Massage chairs can help alleviate pain, but you should consult with a healthcare expert or midwife before using one if you’re experiencing severe discomfort.

What are the alternatives to electric messages?

Now that we know that can we use electric massager during pregnancy, we’ve compiled a list of alternatives to help you unwind while pregnant.

  • Acupuncture

Pregnant women can also benefit from acupuncture. She and the baby can both benefit from finding the correct pressure areas.

  • Yoga

Practising yoga regularly might help you relax and unwind in many sections of your body. To ease the discomfort of a pregnant woman, she can use this strategy.

  • Light exercises

In addition, light exercise can help to circulate the blood. Pregnant women can follow videos on how to do it at home with various types of home equipment.

  • Traditional massage

Traditional massage therapies have no known side effects, making them a safe option for both expecting mothers and their newborns.

  • Consult a Chiropractor

She can also see a chiropractor, who employs a variety of methods to treat pregnant women’s bodies.

Which body parts are sensitive to massage during pregnancy?

Pregnant women should avoid these areas.

When utilising vibrating massagers, it is critical to avoid certain places of the body for the safety of both the mother and the infant. When you’re pregnant, your body undergoes a lot of changes, and some pressure points might lead to serious complications.

  • The tummy should never be massaged with any vibrating massagers, as this can injure the soft tissue. It is fine to use your hands to apply light pressure.
  • She should avoid massaging her calf muscles since it could potentially eliminate any pulmonary clots that have formed.
  • The use of vibrating massagers for lower-back massage during pregnancy should also be avoided.
  • A pregnant woman should avoid massaging her lower legs because her circulation changes at this time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it okay to use a percussion massager when pregnant?

Deep massage and firm pressure on the legs are specifically discouraged by prenatal massage specialists to ensure the safety of their clients. A blood clot can be dislodged by applying intense pressure. Instead, they apply gentle pressure on the legs with long, gradual strokes.

Is it natural to vibrate while pregnant?

Fetal flutters are common in early pregnancies. During this period, it’s conceivable that your baby is moving around in your womb and making noises. The term “quickening” refers to a baby’s kicking motion. At first, it may be difficult to know if the sensations you’re having are due to your baby or gas.

Do massagers pose any risks to the mother-to-be?

Pregnant women are advised by doctors not to use electric back massagers because of the risk of miscarriage. Most vibrating back massagers that are not powered by electricity are safe for pregnant women to use. The market for massagers has seen a significant increase in the popularity of massage chairs in recent years.

Conclusion about Can we use electric massager during pregnancy?

Electric massage chairs may or may not be safe for pregnant women, although there is no evidence to the contrary. Unless you’re experiencing a particularly high-risk or challenging pregnancy, it’s best to maintain the massage chair’s heat and massage settings on the lowest setting simply to be cautious.

Getting regular massages from a certified therapist is a great way to acquire the kind of relaxation that massage chairs can provide but you can’t get to one. I hope this article gives you the answer of can we use electric massager during pregnancy?



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