How long does blue hair dye last?

How long does blue hair dye last

You might think that dyeing your hair is a lot of fun, but it can also be rather difficult. You’re probably here because you want to experiment with cool hair colors like blue, or perhaps you’ve already done so and are wondering how long your new appearance will be treasured.

So, how long does blue hair dye last? If you use a semi-permanent blue dye on your hair, expect it to fade, dull, and lose its brilliance after only 5-7 washes. Using shampoos and conditioners regularly will eventually erase the blue hue from your hair.

It’s important to know: how long does blue hair dye last if you plan to color it or already have it. So, read this article till the end because it has all the answers to your questions about blue color dyes.

How long does blue hair dye last?

Blue hair color does, in fact, fade rapidly. Semi-permanent colors fade and dull with time even with the use of hair color-protecting chemicals, even if they’re applied correctly.

Your hair care routine and the quality of the blue hair dye you applied will have an impact on how quickly it fades. Most blue hair colors, on the other hand, begin to fade after 4-5 days of use. In addition to lasting longer, some blue hair dyes include more blue pigment and appear to apply better. However, the majority of blue hair tints fade rapidly. Bright or light semi-permanent dyes and unnatural hair colors can be found in the same vein.

What color does blue dye fade into?

Hair dyed blue will become green over time. This is because light hair, such as blonde, is required as a foundation for successfully achieving blue hair. To get the green hue, you’ll need to mix a yellowish or blonde base with blue dye.

If you have ample time and keep shampooing your hair. The color of your hair would return to a very pale shade of green after a few days. The reason for this is that as you keep washing your hair, the blue dye is being washed out, revealing more of your natural light hair color.

It’s impossible to prevent your blue hair dye from fading to green, but there are a few tricks you may try to extend the life of your blue hair color, which I will uncover in this article below.

How Difficult Is It to Maintain My Blue Hair

How Difficult Is It to Maintain My Blue Hair?

Permanent blue hair colors only last about 5-7 washes before they start to fade and lose their color brilliance. If you re-dye your hair every three to four weeks, maintaining a blue hair color is rather simple.

People who color their hair with blue hair dye face the hardest challenge of all: the color fading from blue to green. Your hair will eventually go back to its original hue when the blue dye fades, revealing the original color you had before using the dye.

Now you know: how long does blue hair dye last. So, to keep your hair blue and prevent it from becoming green, follow these instructions:

  • Re-dye your hair

As long as you utilise solutions that are friendly to unnatural hues or don’t strip away the blue dye, re-dying your hair is an easy way to get rid of it.

  • Keep your hair clean

You should do this if you want to keep your blue hair for as long as possible. Make the switch from daily shampooing to other methods of maintaining the cleanliness, shine or softness of your hair.

How to prevent blue dye from turning green?

After knowing how long does blue hair dye last, it is good to know how you can preserve it. To keep your gorgeous blue hair at its best, there is a slew of tactics at your disposal.

1.Use Purple shampoo

To neutralise the yellow undertones in your hair, try using a purple shampoo. When blended with the blue hair color, these yellow tones can result in a greenish tint in your hair. 

  • After washing your hair with your usual shampoo, apply a considerable proportion of purple shampoo to it.
  • Allow the product to rest for a few minutes before rinsing. A decent rule of thumb is to wash your hair with this shampoo once or twice a week.
  • Hair that is a lighter shade of platinum blonde may not appear as green over time as darker locks.

2.Take a chilly or lukewarm shower.

When it’s time to get wet, don’t turn up the heat in the shower. The outside cuticle layer of your hair is lifted by hot water, which is how fading occurs from a scientific aspect. Set your water temperature to a lukewarm or cold setting to keep your hair color from fading as quickly. The faster your color fades, the higher the water temperature.

  • A deep conditioner with a blue dye can rejuvenate hair color.
  • Fill a clean, empty jar about a quarter of the way with a deep conditioner and shake it well before using.
  • Using your conditioner, mix in 1 tablespoon of blue, vegetable-based semi-permanent hair color.
  • Use a comb to distribute the colored conditioner throughout your hair while you massage it in.
  • After that, remove your hair and allow the conditioners to sit for five minutes out of your face. After rinsing the mixture, dry it thoroughly.
  • To keep your hair looking its best, use this mixture in the shower.

3.Make sure your shampoo and conditioner are sulfate-free.

Sulfates can deplete your hair of its natural oils, colored color, and hydration. You can avoid this by checking the labels of your shampoo and conditioner at the store. Sulfate-free options are available, and previous products that list sodium laureth sulphate or sodium laureth ether sulphate as an ingredient should be thrown out for good.

You can also check for products branded specifically for hair that has been colored.

4.Every three days, apply shampoo

You don’t need to shower every day to stay clean. Every time you shampoo, your dyed hair will lose some of its vibrancy. If you want to maintain your hair’s color without sacrificing its cleanliness, you’ll need to spread out your showers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a permanent blue hair dye take to wear off?

Permanent hair dye, despite the name, is not genuinely permanent. Depending on the product and application technique, it can take anywhere from six to eight weeks. Although it can be shorter or longer, based on a variety of different situations, here’s the thing:

What does the color blue mean?

The blue hair effect has been interpreted as an analogy for social separation. In one case, a long-time employee of a hospital was sacked because he refused to dye his blue hair back to its natural hue and showed up to work with it.

Is the color of your hair able to fade?

The hue will gradually deteriorate in the future. The color of your hair will fade after a few weeks or months. You’ll have to recolor your hair again if you use bright colors like blue because they aren’t permanent.

Why does blue hair dye turn green?

Both chlorine and salt water can give your hair a green tinge. Treatment masks, clarifying shampoos, and even ketchup or tomato juice might help remove green staining. Using a color-preserving conditioner before going swimming can help prevent this from happening.

Why does blue hair dye bleed away?

It is one of the most common causes of color bleed that the water is too warm; therefore, while rinsing brilliant colors, the number one rule is to use cold water at all times. Here’s why: To remove as much of the color as possible, you should use hot water to open the cuticle.

How can you tell if you’ll look good with blue hair?

Consider using a cool blue tone with green or purple undertones to counteract your yellow or gold undertones if you have a warm complexion. When it comes to color, you can’t go wrong with pure blues for those with a cooler skin tone.

Is it possible to tint brown hair blue?

Using a semi-permanent blue hair dye will give your hair a subtle tint, but it will be most noticeable in the sun.

Conclusion: How long does blue hair dye last?

This type of hair dye is temporary and will only remain in your hair for a short period. After 5-7 washes of using blue dye, your hair will begin to fade or dull back to its original green color. To extend the life of your hair color, you should avoid washing it as often as possible and use dye-safe products on your hair. In addition to avoiding heat damage to your hair color, you should also avoid coloring your hair yourself.

As long as you know what to expect and stick to a regular hair-dyeing plan, you should be fine. To maintain a brilliant and long-lasting hair color while having blue hair is pretty easy, and it’s a lot of fun! I hope now you know how long does blue hair dye last and how to extend it.



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