How Long Does Eyebrow Waxing Last?

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Waxing the eyebrows is much better than threading the eyebrows. For shaping and browsing, plucking is no longer a great approach.

Follicular growth may be reduced or simply too often disadvantaged by the poor use of tweezers. Using tweezers is perfect to remove the strayed rogue hair which often appears between treatments from nowhere, but this is not a solution to shape the whole brow. The reason behind this is, risking hair at the root with each pluck and it will not just grow.

You have noticed that many hairs do not get back with permanent damage and as the result, you cannot make a flattering brow, especially when the eyebrow mode gets changed.

Then it takes a long time to wax and thread than to pluck. You will need your tweezer after 2 weeks only if you do pluck. So, the question is, why does it take a long time to wax and thread than to prick? The answer would be because along with the hair they remove the roots as well.

How long does eyebrow wax last?

It is recommended you wax your eyebrows after every 2 or 3 weeks to keep your eyebrows stunning.

You will not believe it, but eyebrows have a very important role to make you beautiful. The eyebrows deserve full attention, whether you like a thick or thin appearance, they can frame the face and offer you a natural lift. Eyebrows are one of the best places to begin is how often you should wax your brows, especially, how many times you wax your eyebrows.

According to the Brow Guru Jimena Garcia “Everyone has a different timeframe for how often they should shape their brows. Brows grow according to the hair cycles. They usually start growing from the four to eight weeks before they get started completely sprout”. Whilst it differs to the case by case, “It is very essential to give time to your hairs to go through these stages. This is important for the brows to grow fully and are removed together, every person has different phases or cycles”.

We will recommend you should wax your brows every 2 to 3 weeks to keep them looking perfect. We will provide you with unlimited solutions and suggestions with advantages to make your waxing process ideal for you.

Waxing results will last up to 6 weeks, but it could depend on many factors. It does not mean, during this time you will be hair free. Probably within 3 to 4 weeks, you will notice that your hair is growing back.

You have to wax every 3 to 4 weeks, it will give you more time to keep your brows looking stunning for a long period. Waxing always gives long term results, some people used to wax areas like underarms, eyebrows, or lips. According to Petaksays, “The more you wax, the thinner your hairs will be, then the less you will notice them”.

How many times you get waxed will help you to determine your waxing duration. If you are waxing every 2 to 4 weeks, then your all hairs will become out from the roots. Then you will notice hair free skin for a long time, and you will be able to go further between the appointments. If somebody is waxing on daily basis, it will often cause the follicle to be damaged over time (or using any hair removal method). It will lead to a decrease if it returns finer hairs or gets stopped by growing. Your age, medicines, and hormone levels all play an essential role in the rate at which your hairs are growing.

Should you get your eyebrows waxed or threaded?

Before choosing between eyebrows waxing or threading, it is important to know the complete implementation of each process and the advantages and disadvantages of both processes. We are going to assist you with how both the processes work and what are the pros and cons of each process.

Eyebrows waxing process

Your beauty therapist will apply a certain amount of warm wax in the hairs with the eyebrow waxing. Then the therapist will use a small strip of paper and press it, then the paper will be removed or pulled quickly, with the help of this your hair will be pulled out. It could be painful for some people especially if you are having it for the first time, later you will be used to it.

Eyebrows threading process

Nowadays eyebrows threading is gaining popularity among people. This threading process has been around for centuries. Waxed thread is well twisted about your hair and with the skin of the brow being taught to be pulled out of the follicle quickly.

If your skin type is extremely sensitive, you should prevent waxing. The reason behind this is, your skin may be aggressive. According to Riley, the customized approach to Nails & Brows allows us to utilize a mixture of waxing and tweezing to have better results.

No doubt, one of the important features of your face is your eyebrows. For increasing the shape of the brow, the hairs of brows will be needed to be removed. This is a great way for achieving smooth and long lasting results for removing the brows by their roots. These roots are called epilepsy.

Eyebrow threading and waxing are types of epilation. No doubt, waxing is a pillar in salons, while threading is known as trendy, it is a new version in western countries, it is used in the Middle East and Asia for centuries.

Waxing vs threading, what is better?

As both waxing and threading have been discussed above. Now it is time to choose the best from them. Although the results of both threading and waxing are similar, the main difference between them is efficiency, time, and the risk of side effects are depending on your final preference.

Waxing is available widely and it is recommended for people who can bear painful threading because it is easy, quick, and good. Many people love to have their eyebrows softer and finer over time so they go with waxing frequently. For those people who have thick brows, waxing is useful for them because your hair will be removed in just one go.

But if you want to have a precise waxing finish, it is more difficult. This waxing is not suitable for people with sensitive skin, because it contains chemicals peels, and retinol (an ingredient used in anti-aging creams) which is not suited sometimes and affects the skin.

What will you expect while waxing your eyebrows for the first time?

Waxing the eyebrows for the first time is a rite of passage for making your eyes look professional for the first time.

It will sound stupid, but I want to tell you it is a moment that you are graduated from a naughty girl to an elegant young waxed lady. Yes, it is a huge thing, and you will not want to take it lightly.

We can tell you what you will be going to face or what will you expect during this time from experts who polishes our brows professionally for years.

  1. Just pay for the quality

Many places offer great waxing services, but finding a great one even if you have to spend a little extra for a high quality experience will be worthwhile when it comes to certain beautiful services.

It does not matter or a question of being in a sumptuous spa, it is all about the wax quality. You will find cheaper waxing places less expensive because they have less quality of waxing which causes more reluctance and more redness to leave the body.

However, in the end, you want someone to just correctly shape your brows. So, it means you are not concerned about the quality of the wax, then you will be cheaper.

  • A clear vision of what you want

Your technician should ask you first what type of shape you are looking for. You must define your wants to your technician such as do you want your brows completely and defined or you are looking for a high arch or cleaning only? You can find out many styles online, but better to ask your technician what does suit you the best, because technicians always try to style the eyebrows according to the faces, and everyone has different face cuts so eyebrows will be styled according to that to look perfect and beautiful. Many technicians remove only remove the sparse hair over the main form of your brows. And some technicians will ask you before doing anything with your brows, and the other will start waxing without your consent. Make sure you clear your vision to them if you do not want them to remove any hair over your brow.

  • You will probably get a trim with your wax

Think about it as a haircut of your eyebrow. The eyebrows stylist will probably trim the long hairs with the help of small scissors, so you do not need to be alarmed when a couple of trimmers are being released.

Your hairs need to be sufficiently long

Like every area of your face need to be waxed, so the wax will take hold of the hairs on the brow. Between three days of appointments, it could be frustrating to wait for the stray hairs to grow in, but you will be unable to wax the long hairs.

  • The pain will get healed slowly

You will be going to experience some discomfort for the first time when your eyebrows will get waxed. It will happen due to the dense hair and you will need to remove more hairs at once. If your hairs get thinner, the less will be taken away from your eyebrows. Every appointment will be less painful than the other one until it is a breeze every time.

  • You need to be honest with your technician

Your eyebrow artist will ask you about your skincare scheme if you are visiting for the first time. Being honest with your artist on these issues will be fruitful for you. For instance, your skin could be more sensitive and reacts more to waxing or threading if you have recently done some facials. If you are taking some acne medications, then you must inform your artist about it because sometimes they cause the skin to peel away when it gets waxed or threaded.

  • Your waxing will be done in just a minute

Your brows expert will put some specific white powder over your brows and then apply the melted wax on it, this process will be done when you will be lying on the table. However, the growth of the actual brows will be unbelievably fast, so your expert will do a few more rips quickly, at this moment you will be there without knowing it. It will be done quickly as this much.

  • Your brows hairs will grow after a few days of waxing

Unfortunately, this is a quick fix to a lifelong problem if you wish to wax your brows permanently or shape your hair. If your recently waxed hairs are growing in, do not get frustrated. Cara Delavigne’s brows require regular maintenance. So, stay calm.

How often should you wax your eyebrows?

The 4 weeks’ time period is best for your eyebrows waxing. Do not touch the ark or hair inside the brows is the best way to do it. The better would be twisted all stray hairs. When you are using a tweezer, make sure to tweeze towards the hairs, it will help you to pull the hairs away easily. The normal time is four weeks for your eyebrows to be waxed.

While tweezing any stray hairs make sure you do not touch any hairs inside your brows or the ark of your brows. The best way for doing this is after taking a shower or bath. Having a high quality concealer above all the stray hairs will also be very emotional while maintaining the shape of the brow between the waxes.

How often you should wax your eyebrows depends upon your rapid hair growth. Some people visit the lounge in a few weeks with a full shape, while others visit commonly for fast growth. If you are over twisted and need someone to guide you in the right direction, these people may visit for a correction.

Hairs are often thinner or sparser in some areas when you wax your brows daily. It means you take a longer period between your appointments to remove the few remaining hairs only. However, when the mode changes, you might need a couple of months to re-shaped your eyebrows.

Waxing has become one of the most popular techniques for removing eyebrows hairs. This will cost you more than tweeting, the waxing salons should charge around $15 for a small body part to wax such as brow, but nobody has time and patience to tweet daily.

In addition, why do not put all these in a quick move instead of plucking hairs individually? However, you will not find any discussion about waxing hurts or not. If it is more painful, then why people would have to do it. The good thing is you do not need to do it often because a fine wax will last a few or more weeks. So, you will have a huge time to do it again.

Best 5 FAQs & answers about how long does eyebrow wax last?

How long does an eyebrow wax last?

It depends on the speed of the waxing and threading of your hairs; some people do not repeat this treatment for up to 6 weeks. Everyone has different skin and hair types so it all goes from person to person.

How long will your eyebrow hair take to grow back?

Your eyebrows hairs are also grown in a cycle just like other hairs on your body. According to Bailey, “it is advised you, after 4 to 5 weeks you should get an appointment for your brows so in that time your stray will also start arriving at the same time”.

How to maintain eyebrow wax?

When you get your eyebrows waxed. Make sure you do not put on any makeup it will reduce the risk of an outbreak for 24 hours at least. Also, do not go in the sun, do not take chlorine or salt water, and do not use any spray on the face. You will need to wait at least 48 hours after having eyebrows waxing. Make sure to keep your waxed area dried (do not sweat) and do not rub that area as well.

How should you prepare yourself for your first wax?

To get the perfect eyebrows shape, you need to expand your brows hairs to 1/8 to 1/ 4 inches. If possible, remove all the cosmetics applied in the eyebrows area (like brows filler or powder, eyeshadow). It will give you amazing results. The best would be to get a maquillage free appointment.

While waxing the eyebrows; what should you expect?

Your technician will first clean your eyebrows area, then the powder will be applied, then a warm wax will be applied, in lastly a pellon strip or cloth will be placed over the wax. If your expert is applying a hard wax then no need for any pellon strip or cloth because a hard wax itself becomes a strip. Then it is ripped off quickly once it gets hard. You might get hurt a little in your first wax, but do not worry you will become used to it over time.


The waxing process is very ideal and easy for super thick brows and those people who have a very bad brow shape. For the immediate solution, waxing is a quick choice for people who do not want to involve themself in tweeting or threading.

Between 3 to 6 weeks, you should book your eyebrows waxing appointment. But remember it all depend on your skin and hair type. Everyone has a different timeframe according to their skin and hair type.

Besides waxing, there are many other ways of hair removing if you are not happy with the waxing process or your skin is more sensitive and cannot bear the waxing pain. It is important to find a solution according to the needs that suit your body if you are looking for removing hairs from anywhere of your body.

After reading this article, I hope you have got fully aware of “How long does eyebrows wax will last and when it will grow back”? Also, share this article to keep people aware of waxing. We love to meet you in our next article.



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