How to use toner after bleaching?

How to use toner after bleaching

When bleaching your hair, the toner is critical since it dictates the shade you will achieve. After bleaching your hair, you can achieve a variety of colors depending on the toner you choose, including platinum, silver, ash, beige, and chiffon. Using bleach to lighten your hair will leave it looking brassy yellow or orange, whereas toning it will leave it looking more natural and appealing.

So, How to use toner after bleaching your hair?

  • Rinse off your hair completely once the bleach has set.
  • Remove any remaining water with a towel.
  • Apply the toner as evenly as possible to all of your hair, following the application instructions on the toner you’ve chosen.

If you have just bleached your hair or dyed it, you may wonder if you should tone it or color it. We’ve got some advice for you here.

After bleaching, why do you need to use a hair toner?

Before getting to know: How to use toner after bleaching, let us know why it is needed. To get rid of the brassy hues in your bleached hair, you will need to use a toning product. In addition, toning your hair using a toner will make your hair appear more toned and lively. Having bleached your hair, you may be wondering what causes these brassy undertones to appear.

When you do not leave the bleach on long enough, you may not get the right shade of yellow. Your hair will turn an orange color as a result of this treatment, but the warm undertones will remain in place.

How to use toner after bleaching?

Step 1: Mix the toner and developer.

The toner is often mixed with a developer in a 1:2 ratio, which means that one part of the developer is mixed with two parts of the toner.

For this reason, it is imperative that you carefully follow any directions that come with the brand of toner you are using.

Step 2: Application to hair

Make sure that your hair is moistened before you begin applying the hairspray. If you only rinsed and dried your hair with a towel after bleaching, you can skip this step.

  • Make sure your hair is only slightly damp, not drenched. You can use an applicator brush to apply this mixture to your hair.
  • Start with the hair that is brassier than the rest and work your way down. Then, finish the rest of your hair by applying the product.
  • Afterward, wait roughly 45 minutes or as instructed by the kind of toner you are using before rinsing the hair with water (it may vary).

Step 3: Rinsing out the toner

To begin, rinse your hair with plain water, then shampoo and condition as usual when the time has elapsed if you left the toner in your hair during that time.

Shampoos free of harsh chemicals like sulfates and parabens should be used to keep hair moisturized. Now you know How to use toner after bleaching, so let us get going.

Is it okay to use a Toner immediately after bleaching?

Yes, following a bleaching procedure, it is advised that you tone your skin. Bleach contains hydrogen peroxide, which opens up your cuticles for easier cleaning. Dye is then able to be absorbed into the shaft. Using a toner immediately after bleaching will assist the color to penetrate the open cuticle and remain longer, according to my research. When applying the toner afterwards, the cuticle may be shut down, preventing the toner from evening out your hair tone. Consequently, experts recommend that you do so immediately after bleaching. It is best to wait a couple of days before applying toner to damaged hair, as this will give your hair a rest. Give it some time to heal.

Is toner harmful to hair that has been bleached?

A hair toner will not harm your bleached hair, as previously stated. Your hair will benefit from the company’s services even after it has been lightened. It will help you avoid the green and orange strands if you want to get blonde hair with this amazing product. There will be no damage to your hair as long as you use the suitable brand and apply it carefully to your hair. But if you are concerned about your hair’s health at the moment, you can take the time to let it rest, and then choose a brand that is advised for use after a few days after bleaching.

Is it possible to overuse hair toner?

It is best to avoid leaving a toner on your hair too long. The maximum amount of time that’s recommended is 30 minutes. It is not a big deal if you mistakenly leave it for longer than that. Do not worry about any damage to your hair as a result of the color, as this will be a cosmetic issue. After a few washes, the existing toner will begin to go away, and you will be able to re-tone your hair properly.

What factors should you consider when looking for a hair toner?

Toner color selection can be a little complicated, but the color wheel can help you figure out which toner color you need. Toners come in a variety of hues, including purple, blue, and green. You must select a toner that contrasts (opposes) the color you want to neutralize when choosing a toner color, as illustrated on the color wheel (as seen in the image). So, if your hair has a yellowish cast, you will need to use a purple toner to balance it out. Blue toner can be used to counteract an orangey hue in your hair, while green toner can counteract a reddish hue.

After bleaching my hair, can I tone it a second time?

A resounding “no” is the answer. Using a toner more than once a week is not recommended. This is due to the little quantity of ammonia present in most toners. A lot of use of the toner might permanently harm the roots and the ends of your hair.

The hair strands and hair follicles need time to repair and recover from the harsh chemicals used in the bleaching process, as well as the toning process. In addition, the color of your hair will darken if you use multiple toners back-to-back on it. One month’s worth of toning can be expected from each session. This means that you could tone your hair once again after a month.

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon after bleaching should you apply a toner?

After the hair has been bleached, employing a toner will help it operate more efficiently.
After bleaching, the cuticles of the hair become more open, allowing the toner to go deeper into the hair strand and making it stay longer.

After bleaching, should you use a toner on wet or dry hair?

When applying the toning mixture to your hair, you want it to be slightly damp. Just wash and towel dry your hair so it’s not dripping wet, and then you can go to town with the toning process.

After bleaching, what kind of toner should I use?

Blue toners are your best bet if you have bleached your hair and want to soften the color. To achieve a cool, ashy blonde shade that looks great in any season, try using a blue toner on your hair.

After using a toner, do I need to wash my hair?

It is best to wait at least 48 hours before shampooing hair after the first color procedure. The more time you have to kill, the better. This gives the hair cuticle time to close, possibly extending the color’s life.

Can I use toner on my entire head of bleached hair?

However, toner does not have to be applied equally to all of the hair, but it can. Toner will not harm your hair’s darker strands if you accidentally apply it to them. It is possible that you would like to soften your highlights or your roots. Toner should be applied to damp hair to provide even distribution.

After bleaching, should I wash my hair?

Using lukewarm water, rinse the bleach from your hair. Then, apply shampoo and wash your hair thoroughly, but gently. To avoid further hair dryness and breakage, a deep conditioner is highly advised after that.

Toner – is it bad for hair?

No! Your hair will benefit from the use of a toner, which neutralizes its color. However, as with any hair coloring process, over-using toner can put a strain on your hair strands.

Conclusion about How to use toner after bleaching?

Bleaching can weaken and damage hair in many circumstances. That is why it is best to wait a while before applying toner to hair that has been bleached. Waiting a few days after bleaching to tone your hair is often recommended. While toning can be done immediately after bleaching if no or minimal damage is done to the hair, it is not recommended.

If bleaching damages your hair, you will have to wait up to a week before you can tone it. I hope that you will find this article: How to use toner after bleaching, useful for you.



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