How to Wear Suede Shoes and Taking Care To Keep Them Looking Good

How To Wear Suede Shoes And Taking Care To Keep Them Looking Good
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suede belongs to the leather family, we can call it a type of leather made from the underside skin of animals with a napped finish and fuzzy. After doing some treatment to remove hairs and increase durability then Suede gets colored and becomes useable. The suede is commonly used for shoes, furniture, jackets, purses, and some other items. The suede is a French term that means “gloves from Sweden”.

The suede shoes need more care than other leather shoes. It is asked many times that can suede shoes get wet? We believe a drizzle can ruin its goodness even if you buy the high-priced suede footwear. Dirt, debris, water especially salt water will affect its appearance. So, the suede material is not good if you take them outdoor in winter will also affect.

As compared to leather boots, Suede shoes are effortless and soft for wear. Suede men’s shoes are the high point of casual luxury. The suede is used in many shoe categories like sneakers, slips on, and Chelsea because suede is versatile so it means it does not rely only on a single occasion.

If you are interested to try the suede shoes for men, check out the following articles that we have shortlisted for you. Hopefully, you will find them amazing because we picked some of the best suede shoes for you.

  1. Kenneth Cole New York Men’s The Mover Chukka Boot

This Chukka Boot for Men’s by Kenneth Cole New York has man-made finest sole, the Kenneth Cole TECHNI-COLE gel pod gives soft padded insole with extra arch support to you. The molecules will keep your foot dry and cool for a long time.

  • Thursday Boots Scout Suede Shoes

This Scout has a full lined supply interior of glove leather and a durable studded rubber outer sole. This midnight weather safe Scout suede shoes for men are handcrafted with integrity. It has a leather midsole that forms shapes according to your foot and provides complete comfort.

  • Cole Haan Men’s Feather Craft Grand Blucher Ox Oxford

 This suede shoe by Cole Haan has a low top from an arch and a rubber sole to provide comfort. This suede shoe is flexible and has TPU pods in heels for durability and traction. The upper of these men’s shoes by Cole Haan is crafted with upper stitching and has molded sock liner for comfortability.

  • Adidas Men Adults’ Gazelle Low-Top Sneakers

This Adults’ Gazelle Low-Top Sneakers for Men’s by Adidas is also suede shoes. The low top sneaker provides complete comfort and gives you a unique style of fashion.

  • Italian Style Suede Shoes For Men

You will walk in comfort with these amazing men’s Italian Style Suede Shoes by Peach & Mango. Set your target and take your road, these smooth lining and lightly cushioned footbed comes with shock absorption technology and they will provide you comfort throughout your journey.

For your kind information, any kind of suede you own will be treated first then it will be needed to brush regularly.

You have to understand that, not all the suede materials will be identical. Especially the suede shoes and suede garments, they both require a great degree of durability. Full grain leather can be turned around simply so that the underside faces will outward. This could be noticed with the feel, which could b experience more tough and rigid as compared to the traditional suede.

Thickness also depends on which kind of suede is used. Sheepskin suedes are made from lamb or sheep and they have a smoother nap and they feel lighter as well. On the other hand, the pigskin and cowhide suedes have more body more visible nap that resembles graining.



We have mentioned some points so on that basis, there are a few basic principles you need to follow for taking care of your suede shoes.

  1. Maintain The Material

If you want to maintain the material’s smooth appearance and nap. Regular use of suede shoes can cause the material to wear down in many places.

  • Dirt And Dust Removing

If you remove dirt and dust from suede shoes, the suede will easily get damaged due to its thinner, soft, and more pliable construction. Furthermore, it will also act as a magnet for any kind and it will ruin its surface with a dingy and dirty look instead of its smooth and flowy appearance that will highlight creases.

  • Wary Of Moisture

If you are looking for a wary of moisture. A drop or two can be cleaned out from the suede shoes, but if it gets some heavy water then it will be a little challenging. And if it is not dried quickly, the suede shoes will give you a more mottled appearance.

Now come the solutions, how you can take care of men’s suede shoes

  • Use Protection

Protecting water and stain repellent spray will be useful. It will prevent salt, water, and other substances from altering the nap. The applying process is, to hold the protectant at a distance from the shoes (at least four inches), and spray over the full surface. Make sure this formula should not leave a sticky or tacky film.

  • Grab A Suede Brush

Brushing your shoes every time, you get back home with the help of a suede brush will keep your shoe long lasting. This process will dislodge any particles that may have attached to the material. The brushing habit will help you to prevent the material from looking worn out after wearing it for a few months.

  • Separate Storage Of Suede Shoes

You will need to store your suede shoes separately to prevent them from moisture and dust. Consider a cloth bag or a pillowcase for storing your suede shoes, it will guard the material and make it breathable as well.


If you are facing everyday dirt and minor strains, follow the following steps:

  • Brush your suede shoes after they get dried, move the brush in one direction only.
  • If there is a scuff mark on your suede shoes, go back and forth over that particular area. It will help you to lift the grain and take it out from the nap. If this process does not help you, use sandpaper or a knife and carefully go over the area.

For removing water and salt stains, follow the following steps:

  • You will not believe it, but you have to start addressing the stain with water. However, you will need to create a solution that has two parts water to one part vinegar.
  • Apply the solution to the stain with the help of a towel or rag made out of a soft material like microfiber.
  • Let the stained area be dried completely then apply brush lightly, it will help even out the grain.


There is not the only suede shoe that exists. Instead of that, you have many choices more than any casual silhouettes out there made out of suede, from sandals and even sneakers to Chelsea boots and derbies. Also, there are many formal styles in the market including oxfords that have given you an ultra-luxe treatment with suede.

We believe to some extent; suede shoes have made their place in both kingdoms of fashion. The matte finish in suede shoes sometimes tones down the shine to provide a subtler appearance. It means this effect will not allow you to wear suede shoes with your finest suit. Till now, these suede shoes are perfectly acceptable for cocktail attire with a full patterned or party suit, and they will hit all the notes for your smart casual and business dressing.

Simultaneously, suede footwear has changed the game of traditional casual footwear. For instance, if you replace synthetic or leather paneling with suede, it will give you a kick of a higher end upgrade. Furthermore, the suede material lightens up and adds some fashionable angles to your pair of workwear and combat boots.

Few things you need to remember always while wearing suede shoes. As you know how delicate suede can be, you will not want to wear these suede shoes to a job site where dirt is covered everywhere. Also, you will not want to wear suede shoes for marathon training.


So, with all the key points mentioned here, you can wear suede shoes like other types of footwear. Just you have to keep in mind that the occasion and dress code and realize its matte finish will come across as understated. In addition, suede shoes can be found in blue and burgundy, classic shades like charcoal, brown, and black. These suede shoe styles will help you to match more clothing in your closet with them.

The one thing that comes to everyone’s mind, is when and where to wear these suede shoes. The easy answer is, they are fine to wear for most occasions, just one attire should be excluded black and white tie dress codes. You can also wear them seasonally, just check the weather report for rain and snow forecasted then wear these suede shoes accordingly.

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