Leesa mattress vs sleep number

Leesa mattress vs sleep number
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A tougher decision may have to be made between the Leesa Mattress vs Sleep Number mattress because both feature high-quality materials that can help you drift off to sleep peacefully. The comparison between a full-size and a king-sized mattress can be confusing, so it’s important to know the difference between the two. Leesa Mattresses use a breathable foam called Avena instead of the traditional memory foam used in the Sleep Number mattress.

When comparing these two mattresses, keep reading for all of the information you need to make an informed decision about which one is ideal for your body type.

Leesa mattress vs sleep number: Comparison Table

LeesaSleep Number
Layers3Up to 10 in some models
Motion transferNoneNone
Trial period100 nights100 nights

Comparison of Leesa and Sleep Number Mattresses

High-quality mattresses are a hallmark of the mattress companies Leesa and Sleep Number, two of the industry’s most prominent players. Even though they have a wide range of customers, their mattresses are vastly different.

These Leesa foam and hybrid mattresses are going to be compared in this review to the four distinct Sleep Number adjustable air mattress models. For example, you’ll learn what sets them unique from each other, who they’re most suited for as well as how their prices compare.

Leesa mattress vs sleep number: Similarities

  • Both mattress firms provide a 100-night sleep trial for their products.
  • Customer feedback is overwhelmingly excellent for both businesses. Both companies make mattresses that may be used in a variety of sleeping positions.

Leesa mattress vs sleep number: Differences

  • It is possible to have a memory foam mattress from Leesa and a hybrid mattress from Sleep Number.
  • Adjustable air chambers allow Sleep Number mattresses to have variable firmness levels. There is only one firmness option for Leesa mattresses, and that is medium to medium-firm.
  • Compared to Sleep Number beds, Leesa mattresses are on average less expensive than their competitors.
  • Sleep Number beds can only be purchased from physical stores, whereas Leesa’s bed-in-a-boxes can be ordered online and delivered to your door.
  • Leesa ships for free, whereas Sleep Number charges $199 for shipment (although this does include White Glove Delivery with new mattress setup and old mattress removal)
Leesa mattress vs sleep number: Comparison of firmness

Leesa mattress vs sleep number: Comparison of firmness

Sleep Number

Using a remote control, consumers can change the firmness and support level of their mattress at any moment. Their “Sleep Number” (also known as “Sleep Number setting”) is a numerical representation of how firm and supportive they prefer their mattress to be. The higher the number, the more air or firmer the Sleep Number bed will be. Numbers range from 0 to 100.

Each person’s Sleep Numbers are unique and subject to change as their sleep habits evolve. The level of stiffness and support a person receives will be influenced by the model they select. When compared to a more regular type, a model with soft layers between the mattress top and the air chamber feels different.


Designed with a top layer of insulating cooling foam, the Leesa mattress keeps you cool and comfortable all night. As far as firmness goes, we’d rate this mattress as a 7 out of 10.

The Leesa mattress is only available in one model, and it is designed for the average sleeper. As a result, those seeking a mattress that is particularly firm or particularly soft will be disappointed with Leesa.

Leesa mattress vs sleep number: Construction


  • Cover

These two layers are concealed by an Avena foam cover, which promotes airflow and provides overall support for the entire bed.

  • The First layer

As durable as latex, the Avena foam top provides an additional layer of comfort and support.

  • The Second layer

Two inches of memory foam are used in the bed’s core, which helps with motion transfer and support. This mattress conforms to the shape of your body, reducing stress on your joints.

  • The Third layer

There are three layers of support in the Leesa mattress, each providing a different level of comfort. The foundation layer is made up of six-inch-thick support foam, which provides the bed with its firmness. With such a solid foundation, it’s simple to see why people prefer Leesa’s stronger features.

Number sleep

  • Remote control

With a remote, users may control the firmness of the mattress. Foam base pads, ranging in thickness from 1 to 2 inches, are also included with the mattresses. Comfort foam layers can range from 2 to 4 inches thick in various types of the Sleep Number mattresses. Other types come with pillow top covers and/or zip-up mattress toppers on top of the mattress itself.

  • Chambers of Dueling Fire

There are two air chambers in every Sleep Number mattress, so you may fine-tune the firmness to your liking. Sleep Number mattresses are one of a kind because of their “Dual Air technology,” which utilises a pump to inflate the chambers. The pump may go up to 100, which is the firmness of the mattress. These independent air chambers are helpful since they allow for different levels of firmness on each side of the bed. This is ideal for couples that like a wide range of firmness in their bed.

Leesa mattress vs sleep number: Distinctive Qualities

Leesa mattress vs sleep number: Distinctive Qualities


  • Layer of Cooling

The Leesa mattress has a top layer of Avena foam that keeps sleepers from overheating. The Avena’s structure allows for lots of ventilation between the various layers, which gives the mattress a unique level of breathability.

  • Charity

Additionally, the company will give away one of their mattresses when every 10 mattresses are purchased as an additional fun perk. In addition to allowing you to sleep better, you’ll also feel better about yourself.

  • Hypoallergenic

Those who suffer from seasonal allergies or asthma may appreciate the Leesa mattress’ hypoallergenic properties. This bed’s design prevents dust from congregating between its permeable layers, ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep for all types of sleepers.

Sleep number

  • Zero Gravity

There are a few other elements that distinguish Sleep Number mattresses from other brands, such as the usage of individual air chambers within each of their mattresses. A “zero gravity” option is available on some models, which lifts the head and footrests to give the user the illusion of floating in space.

  • Positioning Yourself for a Good Night’s Rest

Timed position changes are also available if you like to sleep in a different position at any given time.

  • Resistant Snoring

You can gently elevate the head of your sleeping companion while they’re snoring, thanks to a “partner snore” feature. Snoring will be reduced, and the result will be a better night’s sleep for everyone.

  • Sleep IQ (technology that helps people get a good night)

With the “Sleep IQ Technology” built into these mattresses, you’ll be able to track your sleep patterns and receive alerts from a variety of health apps and wearables so you can send the maximum time in bed.

You should buy Sleep number if:

  • You’re looking for a variety of possibilities.

Although all Sleep Number beds have the same fundamental architecture, the models come in a variety of styles and materials, so there’s something for everyone here.

  • To begin with, you need to see the bed in person.

People may check out different mattresses at Sleep Number showrooms all around the country. This includes helping consumers find their Sleep Number and recommending the best mattress for them to buy.

  • In a relationship.

Dual air chambers allow each partner to customise their side of the bed’s comfort level (also known as the Sleep Number). This makes this bed a favourite among couples. Compromise is a thing of the past!

You should buy Leesa if:

  • You have a tight budget to work with.

To save customers money, Leesa has opted for a direct-to-consumer business model. High-quality materials and a designer’s touch make this mattress an excellent value.

  • Foam mattresses that are well-balanced are essential.

If you’re looking for an excellent foam mattress, go no further than Leesa’s. However, there will be a certain amount of sinking into the mattress.

  • You have a variety of sleeping postures.

As many sleepers as possible can benefit from the mattress’s composition and suppleness. Most side sleepers will find it to be supportive while still being pleasantly soft. It’s ideal for those who frequently change positions at night.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average amount of time it takes for a person to fall asleep?

Guarantee on Sleep Number Products. The Sleep Number 360® smart bed is meant to last 15 years or more, whereas regular mattresses typically need to be replaced every 8-10 years. You may rest easy knowing that any warrantied repair or replacement will be fully covered for the first year, and then prorated based on the date of purchase beyond that period.

How long does a Leesa mattress last?

A foam mattress will never outlast a hybrid or an innerspring mattress in terms of durability. The typical lifespan of a foam mattress like the Leesa is 6 to 8 years.

Conclusion about Leesa mattress vs sleep number

There are more alternatives to Sleep Number beds, but Leesa gives a high-quality mattress at a reasonable price point. Mattress layers can be adjusted as well as stiffness and support levels with Sleep Number. The dual air adjustment capabilities allow you to modify the level of support whenever you desire, and the vast range of options makes it easy to focus on what is most important to you.

Leesa sells a foam mattress that is simple yet well-made, and it appears to be popular with the ordinary sleeper. It can be used in a variety of positions and is delivered right to your home. I hope that you will find this article about Leesa mattress vs sleep number helpful.



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