lineal adjustable bed base review

lineal adjustable bed base review
Last Updated on October 24, 2022 by Stylowins

When it comes to comfortable sleeping, everyone wants to take a good sleep in their desire position. The lineal adjustable bed base allows you to customize your sleep according to your desire positions. It has various angles to control your head and foot, you can enjoy your TV shows, book reading and many more in many relaxing positions.

In the E-commerce world, Saatva has a superb position in luxury mattresses. This private is bases in New York, USA. In 2015, the Inc’s list of top 500 retailers of the year Saatva ranked on 101 position due to its durability and user trust.


Saatva has a great offer to send their representative for assembling the bed. The bed comes almost assembled beside the few items which need to be assembled by your side to get it in working order. Here is the list of those items that you need to know in case if you have to reassemble them in the future.

  1. Four legs support
  2. Remote control with AAA batteries
  3. Power supply package (power brick, electrical feed, and electrical power cord)
  4. Bolts with two corner mattress retainer’s packages
  5. Headboard bracket assembly package
  6. Headboard bracket hardware
  7. User manual for guidance
  8. Warranty card
  9. 9-volt battery

Setting Up The Remote Controller Box

  1. On the bottom (down) side set the controller box with the help of screws, and find the reset button with the help of something small like a needle. After finding press and hold until lights get turn on.
  2. Then remove the battery cover from the remote, you will find a button on the top of the batteries. Press and hold the button until lights get to turn off, and it’s done.

Retainers’ Setup

The retainers on the side of your adjustable base will keep the mattress from sliding off the base when you elevate the head of the mattress. For installing the, you will need a knife or any other sharper tool to cut a little from the base fabric for the adjustment of retainers with the help of bolts.

After completing these tasks, now you are ready to put your mattress on the adjustable base and enjoy your relaxing life. The whole process of assembling will take around 15 minutes, that’s this much easy.

Base Construction

The base has three components; a motor, polyester cover, and steel foundation. The integrity of the cover in one piece only gives it a cleaner and more comfortable look without any multiple sections. The bed edges are holding up with a layer of polyfoam that will help you to avoid hitting your shin (Tibia) on the side of the bed.

Remote Control Working

The word adjustable base is not limited to the head and foot only, many other functionalities help you to reduce your stress. The Lineal Adjustable Base is here to do many more stress-free moves for you.

The Lineal Adjustable Base comes with a remote controller that allows you to play with comfort. Let’s explore the great and relaxing functions on the remote.

  • It has a zero-gravity option that distributes your weight on-base easily.
  • There are two customizable settings to program according to your desire positions.
  • There are lights under the base which helps you to prevent any accident in the mid-night if you get off the bed.
  • The remote has a flashing feature that helps you to easily use it in the dark, especially a great feature for those who love to sleep with no lights.
  • Don’t worry about charging and the wire length of the remote. The remote of the Lineal Adjustable Base has a wireless remote with triple-A batteries.
  • The lineal adjustable bed has two mattress clips to provide support to the mattress.
  • The lounge position gives a chaise position. The head and foot slightly raise and give a lounge relaxing position.

Wait…………This Is Not The End!!!

There is one more amazing feature in the Lineal Adjustable Bed “Massage at home”. Yes, it’s right there is a massage area on the remote that has different types of massages.

First of all, there are three wave indicators on the remote that show the wave intensity from lower to higher and higher to lower.

After pressing the on/off button placed below the wave button the massager will get start/stop.

On the left and right sides of the wave and power buttons, there are four buttons with up and down arrows, and head and foot are written between them. It means when you press the wave option then you can control the intensity of head and foot massage. If you fall asleep while enjoying the massage don’t worry, it will stop automatically after 15 minutes.

About The Base

After using it for few days, I believe it has the best base support and very well alignment to the head and feet. Before the Lineal Adjustable Base, I had been suffering from back pain for a long time. After using it, the back pain has gone and now I can sleep peacefully and relax.

The massaging function has also helped me to overcome my stress and body pain after coming back home from a fully busy day outside.

Find A Suitable Location For Base

Well, most of the adjustable bases don’t come with the wall hitting protection or design, but the Lineal Adjustable Base has that feature. Due to its wall-hugging looks, you may feel the base will get damage if you placed it near to the wall, well despite its hugging style it is very reliable to place it near to the wall because the functionalities are already set according to these considerations. But you should be aware of this and place the base litter away from the wall to keep yourself on the safe side.


The Lineal Adjustable Base also comes in a split king/queen option with all the same features. There are two joined adjustable bases and each of them works separately. For example, if one person wants his/her head raised and the other person wants feet raised so they both can use their desired feature in the split king/queen option.

Draw Backs

Some setbacks might don’t allow you to go with it. But if these are not in your consideration then the Lineal Adjustable Base is for you.

  • There are no USB ports in the Lineal Adjustable Base, you have to place the adjustable bed near the switchboard.
  • There is no anti-snoring position, which prevents you from snoring and gives you relaxed sleep.
  • When you change positions of the base, it will work slowly in some positions.
  • There is no foot decline or down option available in the Lineal Adjustable Base.

Final Decision

Well, according to my experience, the lineal adjustable sattva base is a good choice for those who want customized positions and save room space by placing it near the wall. The delivery and setup services by lineal are very appreciated. I sleep relaxed and in a perfect customized position with a massaging feature, that makes my sleep joyful.



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