LUUF Mattress

LUUF Mattress

For nearly 60 years, the LUUF firm has been producing high-quality mattresses in the United States. With a memory foam comfort system and a contained coil support core, the LUUF bed is a very well take on the versatile and effective mattress.

The LUUF bed comes in three firmness options:

  • Plush Multi-Sleeper
  • Luxury Firm Multi-Sleeper
  • Firm Sleeper

However, these aren’t the only LUUF beds available. The LUUF Simplicity Mattress, a lower-cost hybrid having four inches of polyfoam in its comfort system, and the Little LUUF mattress for children are also part of the company’s product line.

Luuf Hybrid Mattress

People who feel hot at nightCouples
Plus size weight peopleSide sleepers
Back sleepersPeople having limited budget
Stomach sleepers
People having back pain
Combo sleepers

Luuf mattress Features

  • Pressure Relieved

Even though there are differences between the three LUUF mattress models, we rank pressure alleviation as above average. Zoned and pocketed innerspring coils in all three models give a feel that is better suited to the body’s heavier parts. Each model’s comfort mechanism also has a significant impact on pressure relief. Because of its softer polyfoam and thicker memory foam layer, the medium soft mattress is the most accommodating.

More cushioning at pressure spots is made possible by these design features. For those who suffer from aches and pains in regions such as the hips or shoulders, there are a variety of alternatives to choose from, allowing each sleeper to find the optimal pressure point alleviation.

  • Motion Isolation

Memory foam is used in all three of LUUF’s mattress firmness levels because of the material’s excellent motion isolation properties. Mattresses that use memory foam only compress where weight is applied, reducing the ripple effect that can be caused by multiple coil-based support cores. Even if one of you is a light sleeper or is continuously tossing and turning, motion isolation might be crucial for couples.

When it comes to motion isolation, the medium soft option is best for those that need the most comfort. Its ability to reduce motion transfer is enhanced by the fact that it has a more contoured feel and a larger layer of memory foam. As a result, the hard scores are somewhat below average, while the medium-soft scores are significantly higher than the industry standard.

  • Heating and Cooling

Because the LUUF beds aren’t known for sleeping hot or cold, their temperature control is graded as a medium. In both the Medium Soft and Medium Firm variants, gel-infused foam is used to try to prevent heat buildup in the support core.

In particular, on the Medium Soft mattress, the cooler circulation around the body will be less evident as a person sinks deeper into the mattress. More heat-sensitive persons may find that the Medium Soft is too warm because of its softer feel and more prominent cradling. The Firm is the most effective of these mattresses when it comes to temperature regulation because of its lack of conforming.

  • Off-Gassing

All three LUUF beds are deemed to have an average rating when it comes to off-gassing. VOCs (volatile organic compounds) with a mild odour can be released from the foam in all versions. The scent isn’t harmful, it’s similar to what you’ll find in most hybrid mattresses, and it usually dissipates after a few hours if the room is properly ventilated.

  • Responsiveness

The LUUF bed’s hybrid design facilitates movement on top of the mattress. Because of the mattress’s springiness, it responds to your weight changes more quickly. As a safety net against feeling confined, its responsiveness enables easy transitions from one sleeping position to another. The medium-soft bed has the least mobility while the firm bed has the most.

As a result, the bounce is more pronounced on the hard mattress, whilst sinking into the comfort system is more pronounced on the medium-soft mattress. Even though the medium-firm is slightly more contoured, it provides an excellent level of mobility.

  • Support of Edge

As you progress from medium-soft to firm, the LUUF mattresses’ edge support improves. There is a concentration on the edge of the bed when it comes to the structure of the coils in zones. However, this zonal design is more prominent in firmer choices. In addition, because the comfort system in the medium and firm models is designed to have less compression, the bed’s perimeter sinks less.

The firm mattress will provide the most support for persons who are prone to sleeping or sitting close to the edge of their bed. The heightened compression along the edge of the medium-soft will be more noticeable.

  • Body Weight and Sleeping Style

Shoppers looking at the LUUF beds can benefit from considering their sleeping posture and weight, as these aspects impact which model best suits their condition.

  1. Side sleepers

Side sleepers require a mattress with a lot of cushioning to keep their hips and shoulders from becoming pain sites or disrupting their spinal alignment. So, side sleepers should opt for medium-firm mattresses that have at least a considerable amount of contouring, ranging from medium-soft to medium-firm (four to six). In general, people who weigh more than 230 pounds will have more sinkage in their mattress and will, thus, require a firmer mattress than those who weigh between 130 and 230 pounds.

The medium firm LUUF bed is suitable for side sleepers under 230 pounds, while the medium firm is best for those over 130 pounds. Side sleepers who weigh more than 130 pounds and those who want a firmer sensation may find the firm model to be excessively firm.

  1. Back sleepers

The lumbar spine provides the most support for those who prefer to sleep on their backs. Mattresses should be firm enough to support the lower back, but too soft might cause the stomach and pelvis to sink in, which can put undue stress on this area, generally referred to as the lower back. Mattresses with a medium-to-firm feel and light-to-moderate contouring are ideal for back sleepers. Higher-weight individuals are more likely to benefit from a harder option, while lower-weight individuals are more likely to benefit from softer options.

For most back sleepers, the medium-soft LUUF bed is too soft; nevertheless, individuals under 130 pounds may find it quite comfortable and supportive. Back sleepers of any weight can benefit from the medium-firm and firm alternatives, which have a harder resting surface and a moderate amount of contouring.

  1. Stomach sleepers

For stomach sleepers of any weight, the firm model of the LUUF bed is the best option. People who sleep on their stomachs and weigh less than 230 pounds can benefit from the medium-firm mattress, but those who weigh more than that are likely to find it too soft. A limited group of stomach sleepers under 130 pounds who don’t sink too far into the comfort system may find the medium-soft mattress to be a good option.

Luuf Reviews quick summary

Things we like

  • As a result, your upper back and lumbar region are kept in a neutral position all night long thanks to Luuf’s supportive coil system.
  • Luuf’s buoyant comfort layers prevent you from becoming stuck in an old body image that was so five minutes ago.
  • You’ll stay cool and dry thanks to LuuF’s breathable design that allows for lots of airflows.
  • Concerned about rolling off the bed while you’re dreaming? Edge Support can help. Do not be alarmed; the edge support testing revealed that you will be well supported.

Things we did not like

  • When you initially unpack your LuuF, you may notice a faint off-gassing smell, which is normal for mattresses with foam layers. Within a few hours, the odour will dissipate.
  • Because it only received mediocre marks for pressure alleviation, LuuF isn’t the greatest mattress for people with achy joints.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I care for my luuf?

Because your LUUF mattress is only a one-sided mattress, you cannot flip it over. Once you’ve had it for about six months, you can begin rotating it from top to bottom. After that, you only need to do it once a year. We highly suggest that you use a waterproof mattress protector to keep your mattress from breaking down. Keep sweat, liquids, and stains away from your LUUF and protect your guarantee.

Luuf is thick or thin?

In comparison, the LUUF bed is around 13″ thick, while the Little LUUF is about 8″ thick.

Final thoughts about the LUUF mattress

It’s hard not to be pleased by the LuuF mattress’s features. The thick hybrid mattress provides plenty of support with a hint of softness that most people enjoy. The regulated bounce of the bed’s layers makes it suitable for all types of sleepers.

The Bolsa coil system and zoning design are amazing! It supports the foam layers, provides exact and tailored comfort for each sleeper, and makes the bed last. This is critical for a foam-based bed.



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