nectar adjustable bed frame review

nectar adjustable bed frame review
Last Updated on October 26, 2022 by Stylowins

An adjustable base is not just a need of a room, but it’s essential for a sleeping position and provides better sleeping quality. The adjustable bed can improve your blood circulation, prevents you from snoring, and release your back pain. There are a lot of adjustable bases are available in the market, but today I am going to review the Nectar Adjustable Base, a bed equipped with many features. So, fasten your seat belt I am taking you on a ride of nectar adjustable bed frame features.

About The Nectar Company

The classic brand LLC manufactured the Nectar Adjustable Base. Nectar always looking forward to providing a comfortable sleep. In addition, they provide the home delivery directly from their website along with the white gloves option, before placing an order make sure to choose that option, if needed.

Inside The Box

Following are the items that come in the box.

  1. A Center tubes
  2. Two Center legs
  3. Allen wrench
  4. Four center bolts
  5. Head & foot motor
  6. Two sliding pins
  7. Four corner legs
  8. One mattress retainer
  9. One Remote
  10. Two AAA batteries

Remote Features

On the remote of nectar, there are many amazing features for your comfort. Let’s take a look at the exciting functions to improve your sleep.

  • TV : By pressing the tv button, it will take you in a TV relaxing position to watch your favorite programs in more comfort.
  • Zero-Gravity  :The “ZG” button will raise the head and foot in an ideal position to provide you a stress-free sleep, prevent snoring, reduce back pain, overcome heartburn and acid reflux, prevent leg swelling.
  • Anti-Snoring : In the middle of TV and ZG, there is an anti-snoring button that takes you in an ideal position to reduce the snoring while sleeping.
  • Head And Foot Controller : By controller the head and foot button, showing the up and down arrow will allow you to raise and lower the head and foot position according to your comfort.
  • Up And Down Arrows Buttons : If you need to raise the head and foot simultaneously, just press the up-arrow button, and if you need to lower it just press the down arrow button.
  • M1, M2, M3 : These three buttons can save your three desired positions. In the future, you have to just press for your desire position.
  • Flat : With the flat button, the base will become in a neutral position. (We can say in 180-degree position)

The remote has a backlit light which helps you to operate it in dark as well.

Dose This Remote Has A Massage Feature?

Yes, it has the massage feature. Remote is very simple and by seeing the buttons it’s very difficult to say whether it has or not. Because it’s not mentioned on the remote anywhere.

  • Head And Foot Buttons

On the left and right side of the Flat button, there are head and foot buttons respectively. It works with four steps.

  • by pressing once it will perform low intensity
  • with twice, medium intensity
  • with 3rd time, high intensity
  • with 4th time, it will turn off massage.
  • Timer Button

With the timer button, you can adjust the time for the massage. There are two options for 10 minutes press once and for 20 minutes press twice.

  • Mode Button

There are five modes for massaging.

  • For steady vibrations, Press once
  • For a slow pulse, Press twice
  • For a fast pulse, Press three times
  • For a slow wave, Press four times
  • For a fast wave, Press five times
  • Charger Button

The Nectar Adjustable Base has two USB charging ports for your comfort. But if you are partners and have a queen option, then you both have to use the same side of the bed for charging.

Split King/Queen Users

If you buy a split king user, you will get the two twin XL frames, don’t worry both frames are independent and work according to the desire of each partner. For example, one partner needs head raise he/she can do it for his/herself without disturbing the 2nd partner. And the 2nd partner needs foot raise/down he/she can do the same without any disturbance to the other partner.

One thing to remember here, before placing an order for split king/queen size. One of the charging ports will be stuck between the two frames this can be accessible, but it could damage your cords/wires.

Assembling The Nectar Adjustable Base

The assembling of the Nectar Adjustable Base is quite easy and simple. Follow the few below steps and it will be ready for the relaxing experience.

(The below-assembling process is for split king/queen-size). don’t worry the process is the same for the single frame as well.

  • Place the two bases upside down carefully.
  • With the help of Allen wrench, attach the center tube and two legs with bolts.
  • Attach the head and foot motor to the bottom of the base. The long shaft is for the head; stickers are also there on the motor to make a difference between them.
  • Find the controller box and plug all the five cables carefully.
  • Attach the legs according to your desire base height.
  • Flip the base and insert the mattress retainer at bottom of the base.

Pairing The Remote

The remote will be already paired with the controller box. But if not, then don’t need to worry about it, follow the instructions manual you can pair it manually in few steps easily.

Final Decision

After going through all the processes and features experience, I believe that the Nectar Adjustable Base is quite good in the low-price category to provide good nighttime and excellent sleeping experience. It should be your choice if you have:

  • Sleeping partner
  • Long time TV shows
  • Pain in back
  • Snoring problem

The Nectar Adjustable Base would be the perfect piece in your room and for a relaxing life.



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