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Jeans first hit the market in the 1870s and became a timeless and ultimate staple piece for every human’s closet. Initially, jeans were introduced in the market as working clothes and later they became a symbol of rebellion.

Today’s jeans have many varieties such as casual, dressed up, or fashion statement on their own. And today we pay for this denim to become comfortable and stylish.

 In 2021, it is noticed that patchwork denim demands become very high in the fashion industry. The patchwork denim trend became more famous among men and everyone is catching it quickly, so we have a lot to say about these patchwork jeans, stay with us.

What is Patchwork Jeans/Denim?

The denim has many types and it has gone through many phases such as from ripped to pristine condition, from a light wash to stone wash, bell-bottom to skinny legs/fits. So, it is true we have seen all of them. These fashions were most popular in the market until patchwork denim hit the scene with its new fashion style in the market.

You will find patchwork denim exactly what it sounds like, you are looking very excited to know about patchwork denim, wait wait!! we are telling you right now.

The patchwork denim is a revamped trend from the 70s that involves patching various denim washes together for a textured, patterned, and cool look.

Patchwork denim mostly involves blatant and rough seams that make the final product similar to a DIY project on purpose. And it is not necessary for patchwork jeans to be all denim, either. It often contains various colorful patches, designs, graphics, and some different fabrics.

Patchwork jeans and their styling

According to Forbes, patchwork jeans are added to the list of best denim trends in 2022. We are not seeing for the first time that an old trend is emerging with some new and unique ideas and people are appreciating them as well, an old fashion is getting a new life. Many old jeans became popular in today’s time and we have seen many of them such as bell-bottom, mom jeans, and baggy jeans alike.

Patchwork jeans are not different in today’s time:

In 2022 as well, the patchwork jeans styles are hot for both women and. These patchwork jeans come in many cuts and fits and you can easily find your favorite one according to your style and demand. These patchwork jeans are also produced by well-known designers and brands at affordable prices, which means you can buy them with quality trust.

Today’s fashion and the variety of jeans

Men used to be stuck with two bottom categories only: one was dress pants and the other was blue jeans. But nowadays fashion brought some amazing styles and fabrics for every individual and sometimes it is confusing to choose the one only. In today’s world, there are many options available for men as women to express their style with confidence and invest a great amount in their selves.

The shortlist of Best Patchwork Jeans for Men

Indeed, men’s patchwork pants are very in nowadays and we have already discussed it why and how. So, many brands design patchwork jeans. We shortlisted a few from them that will help you to find the amazing one. We have gathered a little bit of something that will be for everyone on the list.

So, what are you waiting for? Start reading about products below and add them to your cart to steal the party tonight.

  1. Junya Watanabe Man

These Junya Watanabe Man patchwork jeans from Farefetch will be the best high-end option for you. This patchwork is straight-leg jeans that offer a high waisted and high raise look that will take you from casual to a night on the town instantly. The distressed, rugged patchworks on these Junya Watanabe Man jeans are super trendy for everyman today.

  • Blue Baggy Fit Patchwork Ripped Jeans

You can call yourself an old school, but everyone is living for the baggy men’s look. These Blue Baggy Fit Patchwork Ripped Jeans from River Island will be light on your pocket and presents a subtle patchwork design and a baggy style, but it is not too much a baggy fit. The ripped details on this patchwork denim are very attractive and these details are enough to catch your eyes. This Blue Baggy Fit Patchwork Ripped Jeans is a 90s inspired style and you can pair men’s jackets with this lovely baggy patchwork pant.

  • Shein Patchwork Washed Jeans

If you are looking for great denim, it does not mean spending a lot or buying an expensive one will only help you. These patchworks budgeted jeans for men by Shein are top of the line in terms of quality, design, and money.

The Shein Patchwork Washed Jeans are a loose fit and they will be suited best with sneakers and a t-shirt. These Shein Patchwork Washed Jeans can also be worn with a sleek jacket. These light wash patches will not be heavy on your pocket, so style with a smile.

  • Guess Patchwork Skinny Jeans

If you are looking for the best skinny jeans, then go for Patchwork skinny jeans by Guess. A skinny jeans-loving guy can still hop on board the trend of patchwork. This Guess Patchwork Skinny Jeans have distressed knees along with several denim patchwork shades on the thighs. The design of this Guess Patchwork Skinny Jeans is a bit different from other jeans options available on our list, but these skinny jeans are perfect for casual outings and everyday work. It will also suit with a T-shirt or a formal one.

  • ZLSLZ Men’s Street Patchwork Denim Jeans

This ZLSLZ Men’s Street Patchwork Denim Jeans is a tad much, it means you cannot wear these jeans at the fancy affairs, but this Street Patchwork Denim Jeans for men by ZLSLZ nailed down that hip hop and skater boy vibe.

You will not find the patchwork very creative here on this denim, it gives a street-worthy distressed look. It will give you a sung, stylish and comfortable look. This Street patchwork pant will suit perfectly with t-shirts and your favorite sneakers.

  • Emmiol Men’s Splice Skater Jeans

Simplicity indeed is the best, sometimes wearing simple can make you more handsome than the designed one. You will love these Emmiol Men’s Splice Skater Jeans, it looks basic and simple but in reality, it has a bold patchwork design that is featuring a large splice between the light wash and dark wash.

These baggy skater jeans by Emmiol has an amazing style, but a first sight it does not take that much attention or attraction due to their simplicity. The Splice Skater Men Jeans by Emmiol comes in two different washes which provide more styling option for you. It suits with t-shirts or tees and will look more stunning if you wear joggers with these patchwork jeans.

  • DSDZ Patchwork Pleated Stretch Biker Jeans For Men’s

The men’s patchwork biker jeans by DSDZ are the best stretchable and comfortable fit that allows you to wear from riding a bike to entering a club for a nice dinner party, but it all depends on how you will style them.

You will notice the term patchwork will be used lightly here because these men’s patchwork biker jeans by DSDZ have more of a distressed and ripped look along with the stylish patchwork features. But you will be required to learn how to wash these patchwork pants because there are a lot of ways in terms of washing.

  • Generic Men’s Vintage Ripped Patch Jeans

You will not get enough from these Generic Men’s Vintage Ripped Patch Jeans. This slim long fit has a stylish bunching at the bottoms or you can say from the bottom it is a skinny fit. On the top, the jeans offer you some patterned and vintage patches that beneath the rips and serve as the cherry.

You can find these Men’s Vintage Ripped Patch Jeans by Generic in both light wash and black wash, and both of them are offering the pique of fashion. You can wear this patchwork denim with a t-shirt and casual shoes to grab everyone’s attention towards your style.

  • Men’s Bandana Patchwork Jeans

Bandanas have made their name in the fashion industry with its amazing and unique patterned style and serving the fashion looks in so many ways, but we have added this top-of-the-line Men’s Patchwork Jeans by Bandana to our list of favorites patchwork jeans. The dark wash is blended perfectly with the patches of light wash, and all of them are tied together with the patches of light and dark bandanas fabric.

  1. Zara Combination Patched Jeans

 Zara is a well-known name in the fashion industry. The Zara Combination Patched Jeans are understated and simple, but versatile and stylish too. These Combination Patched Jeans by Zara should be a staple in every man’s closet.

This denim has not that many patches and it looks quite simple with few patches. You will find the light wash design hot, unique, and the distressing is simple with subtle patchwork. This Zara Combination Patched Jeans is perfect for every man and you can make your style in any way because every shirt and shoe will look good with these amazing patchwork jeans.

  1. Allonly Men’s Plaid Patchwork Jeans

The Allonly Men’s Plaid Patchwork Jeans have punk vibes and they are not for everyone, but if you are a lover of punk vibes then you will fall in love with Plaid Patchwork Men’s Jeans by Allonly. The Allonly

Men’s Plaid Patchwork Jeans offer you a black color and feature some red classic plaid patches along with some heavy punk graphics. This patchwork pant comes in a skinny fit size that completes its look and you will be looking handsome while wearing it with a t-shirt and casual shoes. The skulls on this patchwork pant make it punkier and spooky as well, but it looks great for an outing and a club party.

  1. LDNINE Vintage Flared Leg Classic Patchwork jeans for men’s

Here come the breathable, moisture permeability, and good air permeability patchwork jeans by LDNINE. The bell-bottom style flared leg denim is a high-quality patchwork pant that offers a comfortable clothing experience. The jeans have a thick texture with clear lines and proper treatment. The LDNINE patchwork jeans for men have some amazing features like anti-deformation, shrink resistance, and non-solid colors.

The jeans come with a low-rise bell-bottom featuring distressed patchwork front and wide flared legs. These patchwork jeans bring a 70s retro look and offer you every season comfortability.

More options besides patchwork denim

For men, the straight leg denim look will always be a great and valid option to wear everywhere, but aside from the patchwork denim you should also keep an eye on the following amazing men bottom trends:

  • Slim cut
  • Retro bell bottom
  • High rise
  • White denim
  • Tie-dye
  • Loose jeans
  • Distressed jeans

The above are the few men’s trends in which you can dive to make your style more unique in today’s fashion era. Men’s jeans are made versatile so it allows you to wear them on every occasion easily. Also, jeans are very comfortable, stylish, and light on the pocket.


For some people, they want to make every season their opportunity to flex the fashion muscle in the body. For other people, they have this invitation to wear the same shirt and jeans combo daily. Therefore, patchwork jeans for men appeal to both types of dressing. Patchwork jeans have a flex that brings a man back in 90s Johnny Depp territory while at the same time letting them off the style to catch until labor day.

The only challenge is to find the best pair because every pair of jeans comes almost in the same style. So you need to consider every point before choosing, which means you have to dig for patchwork jeans on different sites, and sometimes you will need to spend a lot to choose the best, reliable, and worthy. But we have tried our best to facilitate you to find the best patchwork jeans which should be in your budget as well. Therefore, we brought some amazing designs, fabrics, styles, and cost-effective patchwork jeans for men. Choose your stuff and make your life comfortable and stylish.



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