Powder Brow Healing

Powder Brow Healing
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Back in a few years, powder brows have become an extremely popular alternative to microblading that has more dramatic effects and is suitable for any type of skin.

When we talk about any permanent make-up treatment, one of the first questions that come to mind is

“what does the healing process look like”?

The powder brows healing process is the same as the microblading healing process and it could be just as physically and emotionally exhausting. However, if you are obedient and follow the instruction given by your artist regarding powder brows healing and aftercare, then there is nothing to worry about.

You need to be prepared for the powder brows healing process before booking the powder brows treatment, read out to know in detail what to expect during each phase of healing.

What Is the Powder Brows Healing Process?

The procedures of permanent makeup are considered non-invasive and do not cause any trauma to the body. So, there is no actual downtime that will affect your day to day life.

However, since they are involved in the breaking of the epidermis, the skin will take some time to heal.

The powder brows healing process takes the days and weeks after your powder brows treatment during that your skin heals from the treatment and the micro wounds close up, after that when the pigments get to settle their final color then emerges.

What Are Powder Brows?

Powder Brows are a technique of semi-permanent makeup that looks like wearing makeup. This process is done by inserting pigments of natural origin into the deep layers of the skin using a machine of permeant makeup and the “dotting” technique.

The result of this process is a shadowy effect underneath the brow hairs, it can be done in a gradient effect to have the look of powder ombre brows.

The powder brows procedure consists of the initial insertion of the pigments, and a touch-up that will take around 6 weeks after the initial procedure, once the healing process of powder brows is through.

How Long Do Powder Brows Take to Heal?

This depends on several factors and varies from person to person. Naturally, some people have strong healing power and they heal faster than others. For example, if you have mature skin, it will take more time to recover.

If you ever notice that your powder brows are not healing properly and the micro wounds are taking too much time to close up, contact your artists immediately. The best way to check out the powder brows healing process, take the healing pictures daily and compare your progress to them.

The first ten days are very important for your health and the success of your treatment; therefore, you need to be extra careful in these 10 days. You have to follow the powder brows aftercare instructions and avoid wearing makeup.

After that, you can relax somehow, but remember to keep avoiding any activities that are warned by your artist.

After 4 to 6 weeks your powder brows will take their final color and shape.

Powder Brow Healing

What Can I Expect During the Powder Brows Healing Process?

The powder brows healing process period can be called an emotional roller coaster.

It is very important to accept the fact that after the treatment the immediate look of your brows is not the final result. You will experience some discomfort and nuisance, so be prepared for that.

You will find your eyebrows too dark and unnatural right after the treatment. But do not worry, that will be completely normal. When you have to deal with the scabs, you might think having the treatment was a bad idea. Then you will find your brows to be appeared too light and patchy. Always remember that all of this is a part of the powder brows healing process.

Bear in mind that the powder brows treatment has a 2-step procedure. The first one is “mandatory touch-up”, which fixes the patches, gaps, and all the imperfections that appeared during the powder brows healing process.

At the end of this powder brows healing process, when the treatment gets done, you will find out what you wanted and you will fall in love with your new brows.

Are there Stages in Powder Brows Healing Process?

Following are the 6 stages involved in the powder brows healing process, and you might not enjoy most of them, but the result will make you amazed.

  • Stage 1 : Swollen and dark powder brows
  • Stage 2 : Scabbing of powder brows
  • Stage 3 : Patchy and light powder eyebrows
  • Stage 4 : Color returns of powder brows
  • Stage 5 : Touch up of powder brows
  • Stage 6 : Powder brows fully healed

You will experience all of them, but you will not find some as intense, while others will be quite uncomfortable. Find out the powder brows healing pictures yourself or ask for them from your artist, so you will visualize what to expect.

If you find out that your powder brows healing process is not going in the way where it should be at any point of the powder brows healing process, contact your artist immediately.

What Does the Powder Brows Healing Process Look Like on Daily bases?

  • Day 1 -2

You have just done your powder brows treatment, so your brows will probably be swollen and red. It could look like a block of colors and you may find the pigment is too dark. Just relax and don’t check your brows every five minutes. You should not touch them or wash them because it might affect the intensity of the pigments. If your esthetician advises you, just blot your eyebrows with a dry and clean cloth.

  • Day 3-4

Now the color will fade a little bit but remember it is still far from the final look. The healing process of your eyebrows is just started. You will still find them red or itchy, but if you are feeling anxious about it, reach your artist or send them pictures so they can check is everything okay or not?

  • Day 5 to 7

Now the annoying powder brows scabbing stage will start. Some people powder brows will be scabbing more than others, which is normal because everybody has a different healing process. Some itchiness is still normal but make sure you do not scratch your brows. If you did, you might ruin the result of the treatment.

Let the scabs fall off on their own. Having some scabbing is considered normal, but if you are experiencing the scabbing extensively, immediately contact your powder brows artist.

  • Day 8-10

Now the scabbing stage is completed your eyebrows will look patchy and too light. Do not freak out that your powder brows have been disappeared! They will be looking too light because your skin just started forming new layers over the pigment, which will be lighter than the rest of your skin.

The color of brows will come back and the touch-up will fix all the potential patches.

  • Day 11-28

Now you have left the hardest part of the powder brows healing process behind you. Now you will become more relaxed but remember your eyebrows have not taken their final shape yet. This is the time when you can start wearing makeup and go back to your daily routine.

Still, you have to take some care, do not try to engage yourself in those activities that cause excessive sweating, and also do not spend too much time in the sun it will affect your powder brows healing process.

  • Day 28-42

Now your powder brows are healed completely. They will be looking great much earlier than this, but you need to get the first touch-up nevertheless.

Your first touch-up is mandatory. The purpose of your first touch-up is to fix all the imperfections and change things that you are not satisfied with.

After the Touch-Up

Now it is time to have an appointment for a powder brows touch-up to add more pigment where necessary. Therefore, it will once again break the surface of the skin, and the skin will have to experience another healing cycle.

However, after the touch ups, the healing process of powder brows is much less intense. You will experience almost all the stages of powder brows as mentioned earlier, but they all will be much milder and end quicker.

Of course, the intensity depends on the amount of how much work is done at the touch-up. If your artist is going over the whole powder brows process again, you will experience the healing the same as it was after your initial implementation.

What Does Ombre Powder Brows Healing Look Like on Daily Bases?

Ombre powder brows process is the same as the powder brows process, but ombre powder brows have a specific pigment saturation pattern that is required to achieve an ombre effect. Therefore, the ombre powder brows process is done in the same way as the powder brows healing process.

Your skin will experience the same stages as mentioned above, but you might find out the heads of the brows, or the part that is towards the center of your face, is healing quicker. The fact behind this is, less trauma is caused to the skin where the shadow is lighter.

What Types of Powder Brows Healing Are There?

Types of powder brows healing suggest different approaches to the powder brows aftercare.

Powder brows healing has two types – wet and dry healing. The main difference between wet and dry healing is to do with whether the area is wetted or not during the healing process of power brows.

Wet healing has an ointment to moisturize the area. When you clean your powder brows to speed up the process, the ointment is applied to it.

However, some artists believe that dry healing will give better results to your powder brows, especially if your skin is oily. Cleaning your brows with a little bit of sterile water and a cotton pad, and then leaving it to heal, without applying any additional products to it. Some artists jump a step further and prescribe that the area does not get wet at all for a certain period.

Your artist will prescribe the healing that will work best for your skin type and you will be instructed in detail. Do your best and follow them closely to ensure your healing process of powder brows should go smoothly and you should get results as fabulous as possible.

When Can I Wash My Face After having Powder Brows treatment?

You can not stop yourself by washing your face for the consecutive 6 weeks due to your powder brows treatment, but in this case, you have to be extremely careful and try not to damage the results of your powder brows treatment while washing your face, and make sure to avoid harsh products.

For the 2 weeks after the treatment, or until the powder brows scabbing gets over, you should not wash the brows area [the best suggestion would be to clean it as prescribed by your permanent makeup artist (PMA)].

It means you can not wear makeup as well in that area, you should not wear makeup anywhere on the face because the protection of the brows will be very difficult for you while removing, for example, a foundation will be challenging.

After completing the scabbing stage, you can now wash your face, but make sure you will not rub the brows area. Also, you have to be very careful about which cleaning products you are using as certain skincare products will affect the results of your powder brows.

Feel free to contact your artist, if you have any questions regarding powder in any part of the brows healing process and how you should treat your brows.

Stylowins Tips for you while you are Getting Through the Powder Brows Healing Process

  • Tip 1: Getting informed

If you know what is going to happen next, you will be comfortable and unsurprised and you will feel relaxed and know how to deal with all the stages of your powder brows healing process.

  • Tip 2: Carefully scheduled your powder brows treatment

When you will start your powder brows treatment, you will be aware of how long will this treatment last. So, make sure you do not have any special occasions or meetings during the treatment weeks because you will not want to show up at a party with your powder brows scabs above your eyes. After all, they do not photograph well.

  • Tip 3: Never overthink

You should not overthink and obsess about your brows too much. You should keep yourself busy and as much as possible stay away from mirrors because when you will be staring at your brows you will not all them to heal faster.

  • Tip 4: Contact your permanent makeup artist if there are any uncertainties

If you think your powder brows healing process is taking too long or if you have any worries, feel free to contact your artist.

Some main takeaways for the powder brows healing process

The powder brows healing process is emotionally demanding, but if you are ready that what will be going to happen next and prepare yourself for that, then the process will be a piece of cake for you. Also, it could be fast and easy if you are lucky.

Always remember to follow your artist aftercare instructions and book your regular touch ups, then you will get awesome brows for as long as possible.



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