Rubber base gel

Regular base coat vs Rubber base gel

A rubber base gel comes under a type of base coat. This is for gel polish with an enhanced elastic and flexible quality. Because some extra plasticizers added to these base coats, they can flex gladly without breaking their flexibility.

Benefits of rubber base gel:

The gel has a very transparent and flexible base that follows high well to natural nails and removes the lifting problem overall. This can be used as a base coat for any application. Rubber base gel contains only a nominal sticky layer and it is not necessary to remove them. 

Rubber base can be used as a basis coat for a product, even for a gel polish. This is a gel of superior viscosity that helps in preventing lifting and it has a pleasant fragrance. 

Applying procedure:

A Nail preparation is required for this. You have to apply a Freshener, followed by an Ultra bond primer. We are going to use Acrylic Gel as the base coat. You are requested to apply a drop of gel to your nail and treat it using that technique.

You will find the Rubber base gel more comfortable to press it gently. Also, an acrylic gel is quite soft, so it can be moved around easily. Start with the sides and then push them slowly toward the tip. You will be needed a little more on the left side. Then it is finished, simply.

Now we are going to dry it out. Pinch it and hold it for 5 to 10 seconds, then treat it once again. Repeat this process just one last time. Now remove any sticky residue. For that purpose, use a Finishing wipe. Now you can file it. Let’s try how many times we can fold it.

Now we will unfold it back and it will not crack; they are extremely flexible, but files like a normal gel.

Regular base coat vs Rubber base gel

Rubber base coats are thinner and watery as compare to regular base coats, but they contain a thicker consistency. The main difference between a normal base coat and a rubber base gel coat is the thickness of the reliability; rubber base coats are significantly thicker as compare to normal base coats because you can see that it takes some time for it to dry on the brush. If you witness, it is actually almost holding to the brush if you look carefully into it.



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