The Purple Ascent Adjustable Base

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Everyone can’t take a good sleep, it does not mean that person has some medical issues, a bed made from hard material or not sleeping in an appropriate position will also keep you awake all night. Choosing the right tool will give you restful sleep. Therefore, the well know and trusted brand Purple has been launched “The Purple Ascent Adjustable Base” to provide you a good sleeping experience. The Purple has been providing his services in the adjustable base and mattresses areas for a long time.


The Purple Ascent Adjustable Base is designed with all the essential features that can help you in your comfortable and quality sleep. Once you experience all the functionalities it will never let you go back to your old frame. In this article, I am going to share all the features of The Purple Ascent Adjustable Base for you, keep scrolling to learn more about it.

Wireless Remote Control

The purple ascent remote has many features that you can control while relaxing due to its wireless technology. The remote is very simple and easy to use having only a few interfaces. Below I will explain all the buttons on the remote.

  1. Head-Up/Down

On the left side of the remote a button has an icon showing the base head up with two arrows up and down, with this you can control the head area of the base.

  1. Foot Up/Down

On the right side of the remote a button has an icon showing the base foot up with two arrows up and down, with this you can control the foot area of the base.

  1. Anti-Snoring

Below the head button, the not allowed sign button will take you in a position where you can sleep in an anti-snoring position. This feature will help you in opening airways to breathe properly, it also prevents asthma and breathing issues.

  1. Zero Gravity

Below the foot button, the “G” written on the button will slightly raise your head and foot simultaneously and provide you a relaxing position. It also prevents snoring, heartburn, acid reflux, and leg swelling.

  1. Sitting

The sitting button between anti-snoring and zero-gravity will give you an ideal sitting position. You can also customize your desired positions up to 3 customized positions. It would be just a touch away to provide your desired preset position in the future.

  1. Flat

The last bottom button having a horizontal line will take you in a 180-degree position just in a press.

  1. Side Selector

On the back of the remote, there is a side selector button by which you can control one side at a time. This function is applicable on a split king-size base only.

USB Ports

The purple adjustable base has USB ports on each side, with this you can charge your mobile or laptop without pushing your bed near to the switchboards.

Setting up the base

After receiving the bed at home, you just need 10 to 20 minutes to make it in an operational condition by own. The assembling of the base is quite simple and easy. Follow below few steps and it’s done.

  1. Place the base upside down.
  2. Tight the 6 wood legs by hand.
  3. Set all the cords correctly. (See instruction manual)
  4. Flip the base upright and move the base to a suitable place.
  5. Put retainer bar into the foot of the base
  6. Put batteries into the remote
  7. Plug the base in the power supply to an outlet.

The base is ready to release your back pain and give you a relaxing sleeping experience.


The Purple Ascent Adjustable Base has four sizes twin xl, queen, king, and split king. A king and king split have two twin xl sizes; couples can set their desire position without disturbing each other.

 Bed Frames

The adjustable base could be fitted with any bed frame due to its perfect design. So, you can choose your frame to make your room more beautiful.


The Purple Ascent Adjustable Base provides a 10 years warranty. Also, it offers a 100 days free trial, if you don’t like the product, you can easily return it.

Mattress Compatibility

The purple ascent base will be compatible with any mattress besides the purple own mattress as well if those mattresses are compatible with the base frame. You can also find the purple mattresses and pillows on

Final Verdict

To wrap up my review, the purple ascent adjustable has all the top-of-the-line features and it works perfectly. If we compare the price of The Purple Ascent Adjustable Base with other bases, it is expensive and it does not have the massaging feature like the other bases have in this price range. Overall, The Purple Ascent Adjustable Base has a great quality and features, which will never disappoint you after purchasing.



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