What Does A Robot Manicure Mean? Let’s Have A Look At Quick, Cheap, And Guilt-Inducing.

What Does A Robot Manicure Mean Let’s Have A Look At Quick, Cheap, And Guilt-Inducing.
Last Updated on December 7, 2022 by Stylowins

A robot will give you a manicure now, it sounds very strange but the robot manicure fashion is indeed very in nowadays.

Just take a stop here, we want to bring in your knowledge before you envision a bipedal humanoid carefully brush dipping into a bottle to lacquer your nails. Instead of this, the experience will be like inserting your hand into a 3D printer.

The oversized microwave like the purple box has cameras inside that scan each fingernail. Then you have to clearly say “Ready” or hit a button on the touchscreen, then you have to stay study at the front facing compartment until the process is done, a small tube of purple-grey polish like a printer cartridge will start “printing” your nails in a circular pattern one by one. It is not supposed as a painting as much as calculated squirting, because there is no brush inside.

It will take yours 10 minutes only, you will need to insert and re-insert your fingers into the machine, your fingers will be neatly and consistently polished. This process is very light on the pocket as well, a cheaper manicure with high class results.

When you will experience it, I am sure you will remind those key copying machines at home improvement stores. In that key copying machine, you stick your key and after moving some parts and noise, you get a new copy. Instead of that here, the key is your fingers and the big box is one of two robots from the robotics company “Clockwork”.

Clockwork ‘LAB’ is located at hip Martina District, San Francisco, it is the first nail salon that introduced robot nail technology. This is something of a pop-up for the next few months as the machines are being tested by the company. Appointments are booked too earlier by people to give their fingers a robotic polish look.

This robotic experience is very far from devoid of human contact. The Clockwork team is very helpful, from their director to employees, everyone will welcome you with a smile and guide you to choose the best from the range of many polish colors. Ranges include green to bright blue to dark red and many more. The staff will explain each and everything to you anytime how this manicure process works. Also, if you go there with an old polish, the staff will help you for removing it to get the new robotic nail polish.

Along with these two humans, the two clockwork machines are sat on tables facing each other. The machine screens also explain clearly how you can get your nails done, but despite that, the staff guidance helps more clearly and goes smoothly rather than the machine. Sometimes you put your fingers into the machine but it does not get started then the staff helps you to place your fingers correctly for an amazing automatic nails manicure experience.

You will get into the rhythm and cadence of the robotic dance with your 10 fingers because you will have enough time. You just need to place your fingers at the appropriate place so the machine will detect them easily and give a beautiful look to your nails. Once you get it, you will be envisioned to visit them again for another manicure. You will definitely get impressed just not because of their cheap price but also the efficiency. The process is very fast, exacting, and more consistent because you will not get any stroke lines compared to the traditional manicures.

Once you go through this robotic manicure process, you will become pro because the next time there will be no need for any staff to guide you, all of them will be done by yourself because you would have become familiar with the technology and its process. It will help you to place your fingers correctly in the first place because you have learned it already so your finger will not nick the side of the hand rest in the future.

A bare  bones manicure

A bare bones manicure

You will get a bare bone manicure because there is no gel paint, French tips, no pedicures, designs, or acrylics. You will get a single polish coat, without any nail trimming, clipping, filing, buffing, or cuticle removals. In addition, there is no hand massage with lots of lotion. Your nails will look and feel the same when coming out just filled with some color on them.

The nail polish manicure process is too fast, easy, cheap, and efficient. The machine will color your nails so it does not mean the quality will be average or low. The clockwork ensures that each manicure will use a high quality polish like OPI, Sally Hansen, and Essie. They do not compromise on quality because the quality of polish makes them reliable and trusted.



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