why does my foundation separate on my face and how to prevent it?

why does my foundation separate on my face and how to prevent it

why does my foundation separate on my face and how to prevent it?

You are just done with your makeup on your full face and then you notice your foundation is separating before even you had not stepped out the door. Apart from putting time and effort to polish your looks, a few more things are frustrating when you end up with a messy face because your foundation has left you within a few seconds. You will feel that you should not have worn makeup at all. The truth is, you are not the one, this issue is very common and faced by almost everyone.

So, we are here to tell you what you need to know about why the foundation gets separated and what is the solution to prevent it. Let’s dive into the details to find out the solution.

Causes of foundation separation and how to prevent it

Before preventing your foundation from separating, it is essential to know the causes behind it. Following are five causes that you should make note of, each cause has a solution and we are going to tell you to step by step.

Cause 01: Using incompetent formulas

Cause 01: Using incompetent formulas

Searching for the right foundation for your skin type may be an easy task, but for your foundation, you also need the right primer. Similar to oil and water don’t mix, your foundation and primer will not wear together well if their conflicting formulas.

Prevention solution:

  • Use a compatible primer foundation. So, using a water-based foundation with a water-based primer is a smart idea instead of a silicone-based primer.

Cause 02: Dry skin

If you have dry, patchy, or flaky skin, the reason could be your foundation separating. If you apply foundation on top of the skin which is already patchy could cause some cracks or a separated appearance.

Prevention solution:

  • Keep your skin always moisturized. It is a rule that when you are putting on makeup, your skin should be soft or moisturized.

Cause 03: Oily skin

As dry skin can cause the foundation to separate on the face nose, oily skin could be the culprit. This is true if you don’t follow a skincare regimen according to your skin type or use a foundation that can help in keeping the excess oil and shine at bay.

Prevention solution:

  • Choose the perfect foundation for your skin type. Whether you have oily or dry skin, using a compatible foundation formula that is best for your complexion is key.  For dry skin, look for a foundation with a hydrating formula that will not dry out your further complexion.

Cause 04: Neglect regular exfoliation

Impurities and dead skin build-up on your skin over time. If you did not add exfoliation to your regular skincare routine, this build-up will cause your foundation to apply unequally and separate throughout the day.

Prevention solution:

  • Exfoliate regularly, some people can handle exfoliation daily, while others can only handle exfoliating once per week. This all depends on your skin, make sure to not skip it entirely.

Cause 05: over applying

Loading up on foundation may be tempting in an attempt to mask every imperfection, but if you are applying too much foundation, this could be the reason behind your foundation separating. not to mention, complexion appearing cakey can be caused by layering on the excess amount of product.

Prevention Solution:

  • Always remember less is more! Don’t pile on a product right away instead, start the foundation with a small amount. You can apply more to the needed areas if you need more coverage.


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